Join us on FACEBOOK!

TADAAAAAAH… We’re finally on Facebook! Click to check out the newly created J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Fan Site now!

J C & I have received many, many requests from different people to start this when this popular social networking portal came up, but we were just way too busy with our hectic working schedules. But today… it goes ‘LIVE’ and is now a reality! *grin*

Please feel free to subscribe to the channel so you’ll have first hand information on what we’re up to and more We’ve also included photos and media features for you…

I hope to SEE you there! *wink*



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9 responses to “Join us on FACEBOOK!

  1. polly

    Haha, the facebook account that you guys have contains some very interesting stuffs. It even has got some video that have not been seen before. Looks like fun.

  2. JayVi

    nooo waaay…! that’s what’s up!
    i’ve been meaning to recreate another account for the longest time but haven’t had the time over the summer to get to it. pretty much.. you and Ade are gonna be my first adds when i make my new account! >_^

  3. Nman

    fan club? cool, I’ve seen the site and there is a interesting video you have. I hope to be able to see more ‘exclusive stuffs’ over there.

  4. Aaron

    i’ve joined i’ve joined! 😀 can i add you as friend? is it your account or jc’s account?

  5. henrytan

    A good idea of having a fan club. Now that you guys have such a huge fanbase, good thing to gather all your fans together. Gonna join already!

  6. JoshN

    Any events for the fan club people? I hope this fan club will become bigger so that there will be more events for us. Will be really cool.

  7. Louderman

    Cool, I’m going to create a facebook account to join the fan club. I think this is going to be interesting. Hope to see updates reguarly in the fanclub!

  8. shawnny

    Just nice I have a facebook account. I’ll sure to join it! We will be getting updates from there too right?

  9. lawMAN

    You have a fan club? Thats nice to hear, I bet many people will want to join. Just to be able to know about the latest news about Ning and J C

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