Happy distractions…

Reach… and…

Touch the Sky…

This week has been tremendously stressful for us since it’s the first week of our daily performance @ The Arena, with J C & I performing 2 one hour illusion shows every day at 5pm and 7pm. We even had several lengthy media interviews and photoshoots, as well as, mind-boogling external meetings to attend besides our hectic performance schedule.

And this isn’t even counting the SG River Festival event on 24 Sep 08, which sees the 2 of us teleport 3 shoppers from Central over the river in just two and a half seconds. This ‘LIVE’ mega illusion is a unique first-of-its-kind & is expremely complex and costly… every single aspect is just pure madness really.

To make matters worse, J C got a really bad thumb injury during a show because of a fluke accident & I sprained my left ankle so badly during a rehearsal, I had to seek attention for it right away because we had showtime in a few short hours.

Couple by the fact that I’ve caught the nasty bug from either Shawn or Matthew, who’ve been in fits of hacking coughs and colds… I should feel miserable…


Having said all that… I looked up and realised that the sky is so beautiful today! It was an amazing shade of blue with the purest white clouds. Wow.

Perhaps I could choose to feel miserable or sorry for myself, but I felt… light. And giddy with joy. I feel happy really, that at the end of the day, I’m doing what I want. Plus, I’ve got a whole bunch of wonderful people behind me and though scary, I’m involved in fantastic projects that always challenge me… am I lucky or am I lucky? *grin*


And I’d like to say a big thank you to those who’ve always been there for me. You know who you are.

On a side note, Magic Boutique’s orders were sent out to the post office today, with Adeline & I looking like we were Santarina Clauses with the huge sacks containing each carefully sealed bubble wrap envelope containing magic goodies. Driving us there, J C joked that it looked like we were dumping a dead body from the back of his car *grin*

Also! Dan & Dave Buck, also known as the mighty talented Buck twins from the USA, sent me a copy of their latest magic DVD for review and I’m truly thrilled. I’ve always regarded them, as well as, my talented young friend Kevin Ho… to be in a true league of their own. They are amazingly creative & technically gifted. Stay tuned to our reviews section… if you didn’t know, we put up various magic reviews regularly on our website.

Every week sees our panel of Magic Boutique reviewers sharing their thoughts and knowledge on different magic DVDs, books, manuscripts, gaffs, products and more! The reviewers are all magicians with decades of experience and knowledge in magic & they’re very passionate about magic. We call a spade a spade… so if it sucks, they’d say it without beating around the bush. Check it out here.



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5 responses to “Happy distractions…

  1. Janice

    JIAYOU NING! You’re really going strong! And I’m sure that is something that will bring you further and further.

  2. Yawnny

    Ning is one of the strongest girl I’ve ever seen. Just look at how far she has arrive? I’m sure not anybody can achieve what she has done.

  3. JoshN

    You have so many things to handle, but glad to hear that you’re going strong. It must had been hard to do so many things to do at one time, but Ning is able to do it. Well done!

  4. Rightfulone

    Seems like work never stop for Ning. You’re sure to be going far with this kind of effott. Keep working harder!

  5. Mars

    It must be tough for Ning to handle so many things. But I’m sure Ning is a determined person who has a strong fighting spirit. Way to go ning, you will sure to get what you want this way!

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