Hey hot staff…

Yeah baby… I just got the yummiest fire staff ever – a super sexy, new 3 piece contact staff in flaming red HAWT!

This is the latest addition to my current collection of fire toys consisting of pois (fire chains), fans, pixie sticks, etc. While UV light is pretty neat, there’s just nothing better than spinning fire at night, in the gentle evening breeze, under the light of the moon with the warm whooshing flames encircling you.

With fire spinning… It’s all about motion, flow, control. And of course, safety first. Each and every time.

Athena (yes, I’m naming Red after the ancient Greek goddess of war) is seriously a dream to handle. She’s an absolute joy to spin because of the perfect length, weight and balance, so I honestly haven’t been able to put her down since I got her yesterday. We can go on for hours together!

Heh. I guess it’d be apt to say this is my version of the Nimbus 2000 *sheepish grin* I’ve been bringing her everywhere I go, even to The Arena and the office. Because the professional contact staff breaks down to less than half its length, Athena just fits nicely in a simple black canvas sling bag (which makes me look like some kind of Ninja, according to J C) and is easy to carry.

We’ll be filming some new videos soon for Concept:Magic later in the week, so stay tuned… I’ll definitely be doing some wicked fire spinning for the camera! WOOT!!!

Magic Babe’s SOOOOOOOOOO in love with her new stick!




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5 responses to “Hey hot staff…

  1. Aaron

    the last sentence sounds a bit wrong.. haha.. great job for ultimate magic! i watched it yesterday and it was really awesome!

  2. Jack

    hey i just watched ultimate magic last saturday and it was great! superb i would say. i even heard some tourists saying that you were fantastic! keep up the good work!

  3. Benson

    I watched ultimate magic too! Great job! I think that the show is just great. I think I will watch the show a second time. Worth watching multiple times

  4. William

    will it get incorporated into your show some time? you know, get a fresh image.. magic babe ning wielding fire and all..

  5. popguy

    I hope to see Ning spinning those stuffs very soon. I already have the image in my mind already, sure Ning will look great with it. Just don’t get hurt!

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