An inspirational woman…

"The most beautiful things in the world are not seen nor touched. They are felt with the heart." – Helen Keller

It’s been a long time since I felt so engaged by someone, who completely motivated me with her life by just being the way she simply is. I think it’s sometimes ironic when people, especially women, look for inspirational role models in their lives… in the form of distant personalities like female celebrities, Nobel prize winners or high-profile humanitarians. When the truth of the matter is, there’s a strong, sassy and brave woman closer to you than you’d imagine.

I suppose most people who do not know me, may presume that I’ve always lived a charmed life but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve had plenty of struggles… I know what’s it like to be poor and scared & I had my moments of doubts but I pushed on because I clearly knew my goals and inspirations. Life’s never a bed of roses, it’s how you live it. It’s the decisions you chose when you’re at difficult crossroads & the personal courage you tap on to carry you through.

Peel your eyes open for that strong inspirational female who’s probably much closer to you that you’d imagine. Why not embrace her & tell her how she truly rocks your world today



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6 responses to “An inspirational woman…

  1. Aaron

    wow, you sound like you have an inspiring life story too! how about writing a biography and publish it? who knows, you might inspire many people too!

  2. HuiLin

    I think you are an inspiration to many girls out there too. I know you are an inspiration to me! Keep up the good work that you’re doing in magic and all the so many things that you do!

  3. Weili

    Yes, u rock my world:) I think i have told u before that u r my inspiration.

  4. JayVi

    I know, right? I didn’t want to tell her until I’ve actually reached my goals, but she has inspired me so much in such a short amount of time in various ways – from just reading about her past experiences to seeing her devotion in becoming a great magician and the unique, kindhearted person she is today.

    Aside from her fame, she said she’s pretty much your typical girl next door (except.. a lot more beautiful and a lot less snobby-ish, i think ^^).. which allows people to realize that she’s not so different after all.
    Because of her, I am truly compelled to push myself beyond my limits and to succeed in what I wish to accomplish. She also helped me to realize that I only limit myself and the things I can achieve. So why not surpass those limits I’ve created and strive to do more than I think I can, right?

    Besides… I only live ONCE >_^

    Much Love to you Ning!
    Thank you for being ‘my’ inspirational woman.

  5. Jaya

    wow, long stories.. much has happened since my break in india. it is as they say, you can inspire people too.

  6. William

    the most inspiring woman near me is probably my mum. in fact, i think most people can be inspired by their mothers. it’s only whether they are willing to be inspired or not.

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