Official posters for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena!

TADAAAAAAH!!!! *grin* Aren’t they just lovely?

Yes, you guessed right… These will be the official posters of J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning (yours truly) for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show!

These huge high-quality posters will be part of the various official souvenirs sold at The Arena @ Clarke Quay, when our daily illusion shows begin from this September. In fact, we’ve got an awesome range of souvenirs for sale after the show & I’m especially in love with the set of post cards which are still WIP.

Don’t forget, there’s also the special illusion card sets which allow the performer (anyone can do it!) to ‘teleport’ both J C & I into The Arena in a visual magic display, which happen in their very own hands.

More on that later! Enjoy what’s left of the weekend…



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10 responses to “Official posters for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena!

  1. Mackieshark

    Wow! The posters look amazing!!! I want one! These make really great souvenirs for the show. Hope I win tickets 🙂

  2. Yaky

    Thats some very nice posters you have over there! Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Just wondering, is it possible to get autographs on those poster as well?

  3. Sean

    So are those going to be the posters that will be for sale after the show? The poster looks awesome, and it looks like really high quality. Any information about the size? So that I can start to clear some space in my room to make space for these fantastic looking posters.

  4. Gordy

    The posters are very nice. Really would like to see those in hard copy. I think the posters will make a very good souvenirs for your show, haha

  5. Adam

    How much are the posters up for sales? These posters prove to be high quality and not some cheapskate poster sold at pasar malam, definitely worth buying!

  6. Erwin

    I love the looks of the posters. Sure to get a set of them when I get over to watch the show. The Illusion card sounds kind of interesting too, I’m wondering how will they look like.

  7. joshua

    Very impressed with how the posters look. They will sure make a good collection item and of course as a souvenir. Very high-end looking posters!

  8. Roarroar

    Nice posters you have there! Look very high quality, will like to take a good look at those posters. The posters make fantastic souvenirs

  9. vedas

    I think you guys must have spent alot of time on the posters, because it just looks fantastic! I like how each you and JC look in your posters. I’m am sure to get a set of them no matter what.

  10. Aaron

    cool posters! are there any posters with both you and jc sum though? i might want to get one as a souvenir!

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