Win tickets to Ultimate Magic: Singapore’s first permanent illusion show!

Woohoo… That’s right! 20 lucky winners get to take home a pair of tickets each to our 1 hour illusion show… Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, worth S$55 each!

The promotional period ends this month so don’t miss it… Simply buy $6 worth of Kraft products from any Cheers or NTUC FairPrice outlet islandwide before 22 Aug 08, to be eligible for this  magical lucky draw See contest forms available in all branches for full details.

PS: What I’ve got to say below may seem completely random but I just thought I should mention this because someone who signed off as "BH, a hardcore Mag.ic Babe fan" very kindly brought this to my attention via email this morning… Dear blog readers and supporters, FYI, I only have ONE blog and this is it – this is Singapore’s only professional female magician and escape artist’s official blog & Magic Babe, yours truly, does not write anywhere else so pls don’t get confused if you see any other blog sites that seems to belong to me *wry grin*

Thanks everyone. Ta for now, more later…



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8 responses to “Win tickets to Ultimate Magic: Singapore’s first permanent illusion show!

  1. Tianyi

    Ah ha!! I thought so!! I saw the promotion when i was buying some curry puffs from Cheers… NICE! Shall try my luck with the promotion since i always buy Kraft products anyway! 🙂 Hopefully i’m that lucky!

  2. alex

    Looks like there is another ‘Ning’ out there? Thats very bad, maybe you can tell the person nicely not to blog in your name? But then again, this shows that your fame level.

  3. Franky

    Hey, I actually saw that board they have at cheers few days ago. Although I’ve watched the show already, I don’t mind gaining a few KGs, just to catch this fantastic magic show again.

  4. admin

    Hi Alex – Thanks for the suggestion but unless they start doing something illegal in my name, I’ll let it pass because I’m nice. But of course if they do anything shady, that’s when our legal people will step in. No worries!

    Franky & Tianyi – Good luck with the on-going promotional contest, thanks for participating and spreading the word about it *grin* Meanwhile, check out our latest video on Ultimate Magic @


  5. Aaron

    ahha.. there can be other pple named ning as well ma.. only different profession and stuff. hehs.. anyway, the poster looks interesting. like those harry potter kind of treats or something.. haha..

  6. garby

    Hey, I like that promotion very much. Simply because those are my favourite few products! Haha, looks like a fantastic chance for me to win tickets to this fantastic show.

  7. Qwerty

    I always munch on those snacks, those are the few I always get when I go to the supermarket. But I think I’m going to get from cheers now. Because of this promotion, I hope to win the tickets!

  8. Krandy

    Haha, I always get chipster as the make great snacks. Now I have another reason to buy them, beacause of the lucky draw. Wish me luck to win the tickets

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