A day at the Concept:Magic studio…

It’s Monday!!!! We took a break from rehearsals today and spent it at the Concept:Magic studio office instead, clearing the scary mountain of paperwork sitting on our desk & there’s just so many administrative (YAWN) things to settle. It’s really awesome that we’re a team instead of a one-man show because with everyone pitching in, everything was cleared in almost no time *grin*

Once my regular courier guy left with my packages close to 6PM, it was time for the bunch of us to really chill out. And what better to utilize our much beloved pool table, which we haven’t touched for what seems like forever, since we’ve been busy with our permanent illusion show (our country’s first!) Ultimate Magic @ The Arena in Clarke Quay.

Matthew takes aim in the very first game with Ade

Skillful Ade gives Matt a run for his money… hehe

J C takes Matt’s place when Ade bumps him off…

Ade & I play Quidditch as J C clears the table with his magic stick

Me trying to assassinate BFF’s competition when it is Ade’s turn to hit the balls…

Kick@ss Asian Kung Fu Magicians! *haaaaai-yaaaah* Don’t mess with us baby!

Yours truly with Matthew who does some really awesome close-up magic!

Me clowning around with Larry the Escape Guy… he always makes me laugh!

Me wearing a brand new halter dress and my favorite pair of red heels

Photo through the mirror of my big, blardy bruise…

That’s the nastiest one I got from my tumble last Thursday. Larry commented that it looked like a new tattoo that smudged badly (??!?!) & my long-time friend, David, who I met for dinner afterwards (Penang laksa!), shuddered and said the huge blue-black looked like an alien trying to take over my body. SIGH!

Anyways, thanks so much for all the thoughtful well-wishes and sweet get-well-soon messages. I’m feeling okay really & the swelling has gone down quite substantially. I truly do appreciate it tho Thanks once again!



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11 responses to “A day at the Concept:Magic studio…

  1. Unifer

    Thats nice, glad to see that you guys have time to relax after some hetic work. Be sure to go rest, always good to have some rest after one whole series of work.

  2. Anita

    Please take care of that bruise Babe! It sure looks nasty!

  3. yoshi

    Nice to see that you guys have a slight break from your hectic schedule! Pool is great team bonding if everyone’s mucking around! LOL. I hear J C Sum plays wicked pool? 😀

  4. Aaron

    wow, your company looks so fun! i wouldn’t mind joining you all! 😉 such great welfare.. i am envious of your staff..

  5. twitterbug

    Well! You look pretty! Is it the national day or something? So many wearing red! I think its real cool you guys have chill-out sessions at the pool table. Wish my work benefits include something like that too…

  6. ghandam

    that is a freakin hugeass bruise! thought it didn’t look so bad the other time. now it does! please take care of it! i’m sure your fans muz be all worried!

  7. admin

    The bruise is slowly healing up so I guess it’ll disappear totally in uhm, 2 weeks? But thanks, no worries, I’m one tough cookie and a bump like that won’t be the end of Magic Babe 😉

    Yes, J C Sum is one helluva mean pool player – the man is a grade A hustler, you wouldn’t want to mess with him! *lol* And yes, we’re wearing red because we’re patriotic folks. It’s our nation’s birthday!!!


  8. Adam

    That’s so cool to have a have pool table in the office! So that pool table is the place when you all get to relax and get inspiration for your magic?

  9. onimoe

    That bruise looks bad! But it seems like nothing to you already. Haha, does it hurt alot? Thats very huge for a bruise, be sure to take care

  10. Zhongfeng

    HEY! I play pool as well, can i challenge J C to a game of pool? The magic studio looks cool, even have a pool table. Looks like a good place to work!

  11. admin

    Thanks thanks, the bruises and swelling’s really a lot better already… I can actually go out in short dresses and heels & not have anyone staring, in a bad way 😉

    I’d love to see someone kick J C’s butt in pool… it just hasn’t happened yet! *grin*


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