A new look after 10 years!

Woohoo!!!! Concept:Magic turns a big TEN this year after a solid decade in the business & we’ve got a brand new look to celebrate it! *grin* Check it out now @ www.conceptmagic.biz The new and improved professional website totally reflects our team’s corporate image, creative hallmarks, highlights in our track record like… ILUSI 2.0, Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, The Impalement Cage: Mega Escape, STB’s River Festival Mega Illusion: The Impossible Journey (presented by Central) & much more.

Check out the core team of full time professional entertainers by clicking here *grin* I totally dig the new photos, really spiffy!!!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend Ta for now, more later…





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9 responses to “A new look after 10 years!

  1. WeiXiang

    the new website is awesome cool with new photos and all! how do you guys manage to keep on top of all this designing with so much going on at the same time? mind-blowing!

  2. Kenny

    Hey! Thats a very nice website you have over there, as compared to the previous one, the new look has a much cooler look. Hope to see even more from the website!

  3. Adam

    The new website attract my attention and it will definitely attract new potential customer attention to you website. Congrats on the 10 years in Business!!

  4. Wen Chu

    ten years is a long time man! I admire you all to have come so far, and all the efforts you guys have done during these 10 years has paid off. Congrats!

  5. admin

    Thanks much! Hahahaha… how do we manage?

    Well, we do magic, baby! 😉 Plus we also have magic elves who have many skills… Just kidding. The logical explanation really, would be clones.

    J C & I have resourceful and clever clones who work on the PCs while we rehearse and train *grin* Go figure!


  6. Landy

    I like how your magic, logo and website come together and form the modern and stylish magic concept. Very nicely done, thats something to cater to the modern audience’s demand.

  7. Jayjay

    You guys have come so far, 10 years of doing great magic and shows. I’ll have to congrat you all for coming so hard, and look likes all the hardwork has paid off, and I know you guys won’t stop there right?

  8. admin

    Thanks! Definitely no stopping… it’s full speed ahead for us. We’ve got big projects heading our way, besides the ones I’ve previously blogged about like The Impossible Journey on 24/9/08, happening during the F1 GP season.

    In case you aren’t aware… This happens during STB’s Singapore River Festival & sees J C and I teleport 3 spectators across the iconic river in just 2.5 seconds!

    We’re doing this on top of all our corporate show bookings & Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, our country’s first permanent illusion show, which takes place from now till 2010.


  9. JayVi

    errr.. that’s right! i forgot to congratulate you & the gang when I met you.

    the new design looks pretty mean! it would’ve been awesome if the splat took shape of the island and surrounding ones, but it still looks great. and i’m really feelin’ the card symbols! whoever came up with that must’ve been hella creative to put ’em all together -_^

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