Happy National Day, Singapore!

Last evening’s Beijing Olympics opening was incredibly spectacular! Man, I was so completely blown away just watching everything on HD TV. China certainly did an awesome job and deserves all kudos really. It was well planned, perfectly executed and 100% kick@ss!!! The wire ‘levitation’ technology was breath-taking and anyone can easily see the national pride on each and every performer’s face. Sweet!

It’s National Day today but we missed this evening’s celebrations for NDP because we had our 2nd sneak preview of Ultimate Magic at The Arena, which actually went very well! The only small hiccup was that a lamp bulb blew at just before my stage appearance but the crew was extremely professional and the one hour non-stop illusion show went on nicely & the audience were just fabulous.

After the show, J C & I had streams of polite folks in the audience who came up to us for photos and more. Thank you so much for coming down to support local talent! *grin* Unfortunately, my back still hurts and the bruise on my legs are still aching but I managed okay tonight, and I’m really thankful my scrapes are healing up quickly.

Because of my bruises and bumps, I personally felt that I wasn’t as fast as I usually am but a magician who watched the show came up to us later and complimented us on our speed, amongst everything else… so I guess it was a really good show to the folks watching Woot!!! It was full house at The Arena yesterday, a good mix of locals, expats and tourists. So please grab your tickets from SISTIC while stocks last!

Meanwhile… in case you missed yesterday’s WO BAO (also known as MY PAPER), SPH’s popular bilingual tabloid newspaper, check it out below or click here and see B23 & B24!



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5 responses to “Happy National Day, Singapore!

  1. ren yun

    Looks like Ning just got featured on another newspaper. Singapore is really getting exposed to some good magic and good magicians, way to go!

  2. Kenny

    Ning just keeps getting the exposure that she deserves. A good way to let Singapore know more about magic and magicians in Singapore. A good way to expose Singapore to magic

  3. nicholas

    hey, has ning cover like all the magazine and newspaper in singapore already? If not, i think it will be in no time that ning will be featured in everyone of them. Ning must be a very busy person, she has to perform magic, do interviews, photoshoot for magazine, and also not forgetting to blog! I wonder how she manages her time so well, haha.

  4. peter

    Nice piece on you Ning. I read the online version and also enjoyed the mind reading card trick 🙂

  5. admin

    Thanks everyone… passion drives me & it’s my love for what I do that simply motivates me *grin* Appreciate the wonderful vote of confidence!!!


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