A groovy EP nite!

Wow! Over 250 event producers from 75 different companies came by The Arena this evening for our special showcase of Ultimate Magic just for them & we really rocked the house!!! I had great fun meeting people afterwards and chatting with them. Our entire Concept:Magic team was there in fact and everyone introduced themselves & mingled.

While our lovely audience were impressed with what was presented to them on stage, they didn’t have a clue that actually there was a hidden mishap that actually occurred during show time because we carried on without missing a beat. Nothing disastrous IMHO because the show went on with no one in the audience suspecting anything, though our showcrew had a sense that something wasn’t quite right.

I ended up with a couple of nasty bruises and angry red scrapes. Grah. I so won’t be wearing short dresses and minis for a long time *sulk* If you like, you can read more about it on J C’s blog here.

Anyways, check out tomorrow’s copy of WO BAO aka MY PAPER There’s going to be an exclusive with me but I won’t spill the beans… check it out tomorrow when the country’s only bilingual (Chinese & English) tabloid paper comes out!

Ta for now, more later…



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6 responses to “A groovy EP nite!

  1. Ben

    Hey, I didnt know that doing a magic show can hurt the performer as well. Ouch, must not be easy being a magician, I guess it is not all about doing magic that simple.

  2. Raymond45

    Bruises? Scrapes?? Oh my! I hope you’re not too badly injured! You have my deepest admiration for carrying on the show as though nothing happened! That is a true mark of a professional and I’m sure no one in the audience suspected a thing at all. You go, gal!

  3. cookie monster

    I admire your professionalism! I guess this is one of the reasons why you have moved so far ahead so fast. I only wish more of our people has as much pride in their work as you do. I’m sure you will go far in your career..

    Keep at it!

  4. deppydep

    Congrats on the successful performance! I bet the event producers will love your performances since Ning risked herself to make the performance as successful as possible. I am truly impressed by Ning.

  5. Jordan

    I’m very impressed, even if there is an injury, but Ning continues to perform and get through the whole show. Very well done, you’ve earned my respect.

  6. admin

    Thanks so much everyone 😀 WOW!

    It really makes my day to know that I’ve got so many fantastic well-wishers & supporters. Do drop me an email if you’ll be coming down to watch Ultimate Magic @ The Arena… don’t be a stranger, okay 😉


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