My growing Mongolian boy…

Gosh, I love kids. My little Mongolian sweetheart made my day today when I received a letter, photo and scrawled picture of his home in different colored markers from him *grin* Doesn’t Gunbileg just look like the most adorable 7 year old, seriously? In the past few months my sponsored child (through World Visions) has grown so much and is now standing at 1.12m! Geez, how fast kids grow…

We have a couple of things in common – our favorite color’s pink – but more importantly, I’m so happy to know that the cheeky kiddo is healthy & that his quality of life is beginning to improve vastly. Young Mr Batsaikhan honestly looks a lot happier and tons more confident than when I first knew him. Gosh, I seriously can’t wait for the opportunity to be free so I can hop onto a plane and see him personally.

I will write Gunbileg soon, once things settle down a bit. We’ve been extremely busy with rehearsals & there’s a special showcase for local event producers tomorrow night at the Arena, for Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. A few hundred EPs will be coming for the private showcase, so it’s going to be fun!



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6 responses to “My growing Mongolian boy…

  1. Weili

    I think its a beautiful thing that you are doing:) I will be happy to tag along to Mongolia if u go:P

  2. Randy

    Thats a very cute boy. Glad to see that you’re helping the less unfortunate ones, a very kind hearted magician!

  3. James

    Good Luck for the special showcase for the local event producers. Remember to tell and show us some people of the showcase. Overall though the life of a a magician is tiring, it is still fun, instead of sitting in the office and working in front of a computer.

  4. Johnathan

    So nice to see Ning having a heart of gold! Caring for those people who are not as fortunate as we are here. Good luck for the upcoming shows!

  5. Aaron

    so sweet of you to adopt a child.. he looks as though he’s from a european country though. i sure hope that he’ll grow up to be a man you’ll be proud of.

  6. admin

    Errr… Mongolia is in Asia, not Europe actually 🙂 But I suppose looks can be deceiving? *lol* But yes Arron, I’m definitely proud of my little boy!

    Weili – I’ll definitely let you know once I can free up time to fly up there. More likely than not it’d be in 2010 when I’m freed from my 16 month contract @ The Arena *wry grin*

    Please check out World Visions for more info on how YOU can actually make a difference to the world 😉


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