New photos are up!

Check out for the latest updates & photos for DEADLY SEXY MAGIC, my new one gal stage show! Changes have been made accordingly because I’ve also grown with the character & the acts are a whole lot more Magic Babe-ish now! *grin* Which reminds me, you MUST check out my Impalement Cage: Mega Escape video if you haven’t already. Just click here! Feel free to leave comments and rate it too.

Oh yes… I’m also really excited because we’re currently revamping our Concept:Magic website so expect the new and improved portal to be ready sometime next week! We’ve got new professional talents who’ve just joined the family, so look out for them. The 3 dashing guys are certainly a fantastic addition to our growing team! More on that later.

Righty, back to my light spinning. I just bought new orange glow pois and I’m having so much fun with them… twirling pois under the stars is just so therapeutic for the soul. The breeze catches and lightens your heart. You should try it!



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5 responses to “New photos are up!

  1. Randy

    hey, i didnt know Ning does poi spinning other than magic too. Very nice photos you have over there, can’t wait to see Ning live on ultimate magic

  2. Johnson

    Is ning doing poi spinning on ultimate magic too? The poi spinning pictures looks very good, has a very nice effect taken.

  3. Ben

    Very nice photos! Although the 3rd photo looks kind of evil, hope to see Ning’s one girl show real soon!

  4. gofish

    Hmmm, I think each of the 3 photos each represent Deadly, Sexy, and Magic? Very nice photos by the way, will like to see more of these, continue to work hard!

  5. admin

    Hee hee… The truth is, I’m a total nut when it comes to fire and LED spinning with staffs & pois.

    Hmmm… I suddenly feel inspired to film something with me spinning fire or lights. YouTube, anyone? 😉


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