99 red roses for Magic Babe

Gosh. Aren’t they pretty? Yes, they smell as wonderful as they look *grin* I love flowers but I hardly ever get them so I was so thrilled today when I received them in my dressing room at The Arena just before we started our show this evening. Yep, it’s our very first sneak preview performance for Ultimate Magic – Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, which is also endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board.

Thanks so much for the generous bouquet, Weili. I knew it was you because no one else would sign off as Botero or call me "sweet poison"!

Earlier today the Concept:Magic team was at the supremely crowded NATAS travel fair, at the Singapore EXPO. J C & I were invited to perform and do a meet and greet there so that’s us on stage… we did a couple of audience interactive stuff and I even pulled a couple of people on stage for some up-close-and-personal involvement!

J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning playing a cheeky little card game with the folks in the audience

One section of the onlooking audience… people from all walks of life!

Yours truly getting out of her straightjacket before the horde of people looking…

Another section of people int he audience checking us out…

After the short magic performance and introduction on stage, we headed over to Fascinating Holidays booth. David Teo, the boss, was also selling tickets to our show & quite a few people purchased tickets to Ultimate Magic while we were there! Mr Teo was a gentleman, patiently showing us the various destinations his professional agency carried & seriously, just checking out the beautiful pictures made us all want to teleport right over! Matthew’s considering Maldives for his honeymoon (his wife-to-be is such a lucky lass!) and I’m sure Larry’s got some ideas for a sweet holiday destination with his new girlfriend!

That’s J C & I at the booth… they even had an extra section with an area displaying our brochures, posters & a TV with a DVD player that looped our video! A couple of people actually stopped us to chat, take photos and even sign a few autographs.

it was a quick lunch for us before heading to the studio for rehearsals before driving back to The Arena to get ready for the show. Showtime came quickly and the crowd was great! People we talked to after the performance shared that they enjoyed our show and found it very refreshing *grin* Awesome! We had quite a few tourists and expats, besides locals who came for Ultimate Magic. There was plenty of picture taking & autograph signing… something I’m still honestly trying to get used to *sheepish grin*

Though we are the stars of Ultimate Magic, J C & I couldn’t have done it without everyone else doing their job properly. Kudos to the entire team!!! I love my work family seriously, everyone of us is one helluva quirky individual. And that makes every day a joy because we’re always having fun at work.

See J C’s blog @ http://www.backstagebusiness.wordpress.com/ for more about Ultimate Magic @ the Arena!



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3 responses to “99 red roses for Magic Babe

  1. Weili

    *blush* I love your confidence, u really had no doubt was fm me:) Next time I will give u a more challenging teaser:P

  2. Randy

    Thats very sweet of the person to give you 99 roses! Seems like you guys are getting alot of support, must be doing well on the ticket sales

  3. johnson

    A very good idea to give somebody roses before performances, maybe i shall give roses to my girlfriend before she performs too! Haha!

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