Dream Escapade…

So here I am, poking away at my laptop right now in the middle of the night with just Sponge Bob for company. The Queenies have all been very busy, with work and the other important aspects of life. I so miss my girlfriends really… it seems forever since we last met! The 5 of us have mass email conversations daily though, so everyone’s always kept in the loop.

I’m really glad that Mabel’s religion has given her a sense of peace & solitude, providing the overworked girl a sense of calm as she grapples with the crazy hectic workloads she is given. Zann just came back from a super duper awesome diving trip and I’m sure she’s practically glowing! Spanky & Nats will be going overseas again real soon, with their special other halves. Sweet!!!

Spanky’s heading out for another shopping trip in BKK while Nats & Luke will be going for part 2 of their lovely honeymoon. The lovebirds will be touring Europe, going to beautiful places like London, Italy, Paris & Switzerland! *drool* They won’t be going back to the Grand Canyon this time though, which I thought would be nice. Afterall, that’s where Luke proposed on bended knee!

Anyways. I’d so love to be able to magically clone myself right now, you know, like Hugh Jackman’s character in the Prestige… Magic Babe can stay in Singapore while Ning can hop onto a plane to a secluded island in the Maldives and simply just chill. I could do with a nice break really, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening anytime soon.

Yes Colin, fine, you’re right ok? *sheepish grin* But a girl can still dream…


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One response to “Dream Escapade…

  1. Colin

    Girl, dreams it may be for now, but, you never know, it could become reality as soon as you decide to! *Grin*

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