Deadly Sexy Magic


..And that is the name of my newly revamped "One Gal Show" which sees yours truly, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, strut her stage magic stuff solo! J C players Mr Magic Producer once again and Deadly Sexy Magic will see me doing edgy, contemporary and sassy acts that would make people’s heart rates beat faster. It’s going to be a whole lot more fun and exciting than its predecessor & will be ready end Aug08. I get a new groovy costume too!

As Singapore’s only professional female magician, I’ve grown with each and every project & my performing character has certainly evolved. As a young woman, I’ve also become more self-assured & confident and this new show reflects all that. Expect intense stunts like fire eating that also involves razor blades and much more in-your-face entertainment by an Asian femme fatale.


Awww yeah.


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One response to “Deadly Sexy Magic

  1. Michael from New York

    I like the name of your new solo gal show. I am sure that it will be as exciting and entertaining as your current stage illusion show as well as enticingly sexy. As always, I wih you the best of luck and success and know that since you are the consumate professional and perfectionalist, your solo deadly sexy amgic show will be a hit, and your popularity will only continue to grow. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see you new outfits.

    Best wishes from New York,


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