Fusion food for dinner… Yum!

Dad said he felt like having fusion food for dinner tonight and I knew just the place… Mom’s usually very picky with food but she had absolutely no complaints at all over the 6 course meal so it was all good *wry grin* Besides decent food and great company, it helped that the service staff were very friendly too and tried very hard to make their customers happy. I brought my new digicam along just for fun!

Meet the parents… MM (Magician’s Mother) Lee & MD (Magician’s Daddy) Chua!

My pretty 2nd sis gleefully shows off her giant flounder… "What the fish!?"

The youngest one acting cute… "Activate puppy dog eyes!!!"

The 2 of us horsing around with my 2nd sis playing shutterbug…

That’s got to be my favorite photo of Daddy-O… the man’s happy with his pumpkin soup!

I always enjoy Tao’s fragrant teas (chilled rose apple… yum!) and just as I polished off my creme brulee and was going to call for the bill, the restaurant manager surprised us with a delightful treat – chocolate fondue on the house! He recognised me and thanked me for bringing my family over to patronise them… how very sweet! We were all really stuffed after that but it was all good. We got a discount too… their prices are really reasonable!

It was shopping later where we picked up a whole bunch of things for the home from Marks & Spencers, The Body Shop and Carrefour before heading back. Family time is extremely important and I’m always grappling for that balance of ‘me time’, besides having to juggling the different aspects of work, meeting up with friends, etc. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! *sigh*

Oh yes… I’ve got a featured interview in this month’s issue of The Quantum Ring, which is the official publication of IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) Ring 115. I was personally interviewed by Mr John Teo, who is the long-running president of Singapore’s oldest magic club. The award-winning veteran openly acknowledged me as Singapore’s only professional female magician, by his definition of a full-time commercial magician. In other words, one who does it for their bread and butter where no show = no pay. FYI, the interview took place prior to my mega escape earlier this month, and is a tad lengthy but you can check out the online version (with permission) by clicking here!

PS: Thanks so much for all the wonderful emails & kind comments coming in with regards to my spanking new video on YouTube for The Impalement Cage which was only put up yesterday, less than 24 hours ago. Your awesome support is truly much appreciated!!!



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10 responses to “Fusion food for dinner… Yum!

  1. Michael from New York

    Dear Ning,

    Your parents and family seem very nice and happy. I can tell you have alot of fun with your sisters. Have you ever thought of using any of your sisters or have they ever asked you to be part of any of your illusions?

    Your family and parents must be very proud of you and of your dedication and your success. Your father certainly seems very happy. Or is it just that the pumpkin soup is that good? I am sure that even if the pumpkin soup was good, your father and mother must be extremely proud of all that you have and will continue to accomplish.

    With regards to your Impalement Cage escape, the audience of about 4,000 provided an electric background to your spike escape. Everyone was very excited and anxious to see your highly anticipated escape. There was a lot of publicity before the night’s show and one always wonders if the hype can live up to the actual performance.

    Well, in this case, from what I saw, the show was even more exciting than the hype. The cage with the spikes looked extremely menancing. Your performance was a show stopper. I msutsay that you looked very sexy in your black tight outfit. I suppose you are called the sexiest woman magician in Singapore for a reason, a very good reason. But your sex appeal is not the main attraction. Your peformance skill, which she clearly demonstrated, was the attraction. A good escape requires significant tension and belief that the danger is real. Everything from how the chains and cuffs were put on you to how you struggled to get out to the countdown before the spikes came crashing down on you, all were done to perfection and created an unusual tense atmosphere in the audience.

    Another necessary element in making a good escape is for the effect and, more importantly, the performer, to create an emotional release at the climax of the effect. Your escape was perfectly timed and executed to perfection at the very last nano second right before the spikes came crashing down. Your dramatic escape caused a great release of tension and emotional relief in the audience. Just what a good escape and escape artist should do.

    Is “Magic Babe” Ning sexy? Duh. Yes.
    Is “Magic Babe” Ning an escape artist? From what I and 4,000 other people saw. Yes.
    Is “Magic Babe” Ning a multifaceted, multitalented magician and performer? Absolutely.

    It was clearly evident that “Magic Babe” Ning is just not another pretty face and body(although I must say what a face and body!). You are someone who, from what I saw of your performance, truly works extremely hard at your craft and art, respects your work and art and is a true professional who deserves respect and admiration from both men and women.

    All my best to you and your family,

    Michael from New York

  2. Amanda

    Your sisters don’t look much like you. Are they also into magic?

  3. Aaron

    i think your friends and you look more alike as compared to you and your siblings.. haha.. wow, international brotherhood of magic?? that sounds so cool!

  4. Jack

    oohh, you have 2 younger sisters.. how old are they? *evil smile* juz joking.. :p you have a great family!

  5. Franky

    You sure lead a interesting life, I envy your life as a magician. A woman who is able to handle both work and family well, it is hard to find such women the few days already.

  6. jerome

    Hey, that is some very good family bonding. Hard to come by nowadays, especially among working adults.

  7. William

    your family is so sweet! your sisters are so cute too! are they into magic as well?

  8. Adam

    It’s good to see that you are taking a break and spending it with your family, especially after so many weeks of training and performances. It’s good to recharge yourself so that you can perform better next time.

  9. Daniel

    Very interesting blog of a magician

  10. Luke

    You have a wonderful family, always heartwarming to see family gatherings like this in the modern society

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