New digicam for my visual diary…

Rehearsals for Ultimate Magic have been really grueling and we’ve all been working our butts off each and every day to make sure we’re in top shape for the illusion show. There’s also plenty of things to do at the office, important meetings to discuss, urgent emails to reply, video edits to complete, people to meet, media interviews to do, other business stuff to oversee and manage, and of course, contracted performances to go for so yes… it does get a tad overwhelming! *wry grin*

I had another magazine and newspaper interview back-to-back early this evening at Central, where I shared with the reporters more about our upcoming mega illusion in September – The Impossible Journey. This new one-off spectacular will see J C & yours truly teleport 3 people… muggles really… across the iconic Singapore River in just 2.5seconds!

See STB for more info on this magic spectacular happening during the F1 Grand Prix season. Also, check out Central‘s website for their on-going promotions & their current banner below:

Something completely random… I received an email from someone who I used to really like and respect early this morning and it made me lose my cool. I’m patient with a lot of things but I really hate it when people think they’re being objective when they aren’t and they try to argue with you on subjective things… but anyways. I went shopping later this evening when I was finally done with the media interviews and outdoor shoots, and went home feeling a lot better after buying something.

Yes, I’m a typical girl. Retail therapy helps. I finally got a decent 8MP digicam from a well-known brand and I’m taking it wherever I go from now on, as a visual diary of sorts. I totally love my new toy!! Expect more photos maybe



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6 responses to “New digicam for my visual diary…

  1. HenIn

    Wow, I’m gonna hope to be one of the lucky few to be teleported across the Singapore River. Sounds cool, I’ll sure going to be there!

  2. Aaron

    i’m really looking forward to it! hope i can be one of the few to be teleported!

  3. Jack

    haha.. muggles. so how did you all refer to non-magic people before harry potter?

  4. Jeanette

    Shopping, shopping, shopping. I have been shopping at Central, hope to be one of the lucky person to be teleported, if not then at least one of the few who will get to see the close up view.

  5. Elson

    Wow, digicam, hope to see more pictures soon.

  6. derrick

    Yet another mega illusion, will sure to be there to support!

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