Concept:Magic 10th year anniversary!

That’s our brand new Concept:Magic logo above and I think it just looks simply SMASHING! *grin* Our design genius did a fine job on it – giving it a perfect balance of attitude, creativity and professionalism & a good inkling on the medium we do. We still retained the classic symbol of the 4 suits – Ace, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts that has been our iconic symbol since J C started the business a decade ago. The guys decided to tweak the base of the ace to match the very same pointy base of my personalized and specially modified ankh tattoo…

My first tattoo… that’s me getting inked on the nape of my neck & the finished raw product immediately after, below…

Ah memories… I’m so glad I had a friend take pictures during the process. I even had one where I was cheekily sticking out my tongue and showing the peace sign to the camera, as I was getting inked. I remember the whole process taking less than 3 hours and it was done by one of the best tattoo artists here in our country. There’s just some things that you so should not even consider asking for a discount for. LOL!

Oh yes. I feel that I should say this. If you’re a minor reading this, please don’t be a dufus and try underaged inking. There’s a reason why there’s an age limit. Like diamonds, tattoos are forever so make sure you know what you want and what you’re getting. While most of our society’s opening up, people still may have negative misconceptions of tatts and gangs. I’ve also heard of sad cases where kids get tatts of satanic symbols and aren’t even aware of it. You’d think one would have made thorough research before confirming the design, but well, go figure!

Anyways! Check out J C’s blog for more insights of Concept:Magic’s new visual identity. Meanwhile stay tuned… Concept:Magic’s website is going to have a new look very soon! *grin*



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6 responses to “Concept:Magic 10th year anniversary!

  1. tania

    That is a really cool and edgy logo! I didn’t know that Concept Magic is ten years into business already! That’s awesome! I’m sure that will be many more good years to go!
    BTW, your ankh tattoo is awesome cool too!!

  2. admin

    Thanks sweetie… yeah, J C’s been in the business 15 years actually but the company’s registered for 10! I love my ankh tattoo too for what it represents… life, death, immortality… it’s a reminder that we only live once so carpe diem!!! 😉


  3. Aaron

    is that a real tattoo or juz a drawing? isn’t it painful having a tattoo?

  4. Jack

    hey cool tattoo! why did you choose to have it at the back of your neck though?

  5. William

    of course it’s a real tattoo. look at her skin, it’s all red! it’s a really nice tattoo! nicest i’ve seen in very long..

  6. admin

    Thanks, yep it’s real. I like my ankh to be in a spot where it can be hidden or exposed only when I want it to. It’s a bit cliche to have it on the small of the back or the ankle, so I had to choose the most painful location possible.

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