Our new AsiaOne vodcasts are up!

Check it out!

Just the other day, J C & I were featured on Channel News Asia. This afternoon, AsiaOne just had 3 new videos up on their popular multimedia news portal, featuring us and more about Ultimate Magic @ The Arena! Crank up your speakers and wait for the videos to load fully before playing them if you’ve got a slow internet connection.

Simply click the links below to watch the vodcasts:

Ultimate Magic: Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. Also endorsed by STB.
Ultimate Magic

Magic Babe speaks… yours truly about yours truly on/off stage! *wry grin*
‘Magic Babe’ Ning Reveals All

J C Sum shows off some skillful sleight of hand. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!
Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Okay, this is gonna be a short blog entry because I’m going back to my PS3 and unwind after a long day at rehearsals… *big grin* Besides a wickedly good arcade stick controller, I bought a whole bunch of games too like Time Crisis 4, Devil May Cry 4, Smackdown VS Raw, Virtual Fighter 5 and more. Awww yeahhh…

Yep, I made my purchases and there’s absolutely no regrets!!! Woohoo!!!!! *goes back to her PS3 to kick some butt* Ta for now, more later!



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8 responses to “Our new AsiaOne vodcasts are up!

  1. Jaya

    hmmm.. you look different again in this photo. is it the angle, or is it that it’s just someone else?

  2. Aaron

    hey, looks like stephanie sun.. except with long hair. haha.. oh, and a guy at the back. :p

  3. Peter

    I like JC Sum Skillful sleight of hand! It is totally magical, I felt as though it was like i am in a fantasy world. Wow! I envy that you have a PS3! I think you have at least spend a grand on all these.

  4. Michael from New York


    I was fortunate enough to watch your recent spike escape. Your performance was fantastic and truly exciting. You obviously put a great deal of effort, practice and dedication in your art and performances. I am sure that your illusion show is great as well. I hope you will have a grand illusiion show in the United States soon.

    Best wishes and best of luck from New York.


  5. Berito

    I believe there are more than just people from New York that had watched the show. You are going to be an international star, soon!!

  6. Jack

    how rare for a girl to like playing video games. your future boyfriend is so lucky.

  7. Koh

    U bought PS3?WOW!seldom female buys console games!Try Metal Gear Solid Snake if u had not purchased it yet.
    Very good reviews!

  8. admin

    I’m a lot of things, me 😛 Yes… gaming helps me to destress and you’ve no idea how much I look forward to Diablo 3’s release!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone. Meanwhile, check it out – my official video for The Impalement Cage is finally up. See it now @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCt9Joo-IG8

    CHEERS 😉


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