Tony Leung & Carina Lau married!!!

Woohoo!!! My fave leading HK actor has finally tied the knot with his long time girlfriend today in a private wedding affair in Bhutan *grin* The photos of the happy couple are just simply gorgeous. The Queenies had a casual chat the other time about where our individual dream wedding venue would be and the 5 of us couldn’t have been more different!

Every one of the girls had a clear idea of their dream wedding, except me. Heh. Nat’s had hers this June 14th and Mabes wanted some kind of beach wedding while Zann wanted to do hers overseas. Spanky our Goth Queen, was the wackiest… she wanted to do hers at an abattoir (?!?!?!?!) and when they asked me, well, I was kinda stumped. Do all girls envision themselves getting married and even knowing how every single detail goes? I haven’t got a clue. I mean, while it’s a very special day, it’s about finding that special soulmate that you know you’ll enjoy your entire life’s journey with right?


I know I may sound completely random here, but the long awaited ILUSI 2.0 airs on SURIA tonight! Check it out on TV… it stars ‘Iron’ Will & Bow Vernon, with grand illusions and magic produced by J C Sum & Concept:Magic! Don’t miss it




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3 responses to “Tony Leung & Carina Lau married!!!

  1. Jack

    i congratulate the couple with all my heart. they seriously had a long relationship before tying the knot. i hope i don’t have to wait that long with my gf..

  2. William

    i always thought they are really strong to be able to stand so many rumours. kudos to them for their persistence and strong love.

  3. admin

    Showbiz is ugly and harsh, though the masses would only see the glamorous side. I applaud TL for staying by CL’s side through the thick and thin. She’s had a hard life and it’s so sweet now that can have their “happy ever after” *grin*


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