Singapore’s sexiest magician on FHM!

…Why, it’s J C Sum of course… not me! Check out the latest issue (AUG08) issue of FHM just out in stores nationwide today! J C has a brilliant 2 page exclusive and they’ve got some really interesting questions like if he’s ever used magic to pick-up women, if he’s sold his soul to the devil & if we’ve any sexual tension on stage *wink wink*

On the very same issue there’s yours truly as well! Check it out – apparently their magazine readers really loved the first installment of Magic Babe‘s bar tricks section & wrote in to ask for more! This is what the editorial team featured in their FHM Letters section…

August’s issue of FHM sees me teach a pub trick using a regular deck of cards to impress – no sleight of hand knowledge required, so people interested in magic but do not have any prior knowledge won’t be daunted.

Grab a copy of the magazine if you can… and meanwhile, get your show tickets for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena… the sneaks (also 1 hour long) happening every Saturday next month at 7.30pm are now available! Endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board, this is our country’s very first permanent illusion show and seriously, throw away all notion of boring old farts in top hats and canes… this one hour show is a modern, urban illusion show with original material. You’ll see exciting escapes, contemporary illusions and more. Click here for more details!

Meanwhile, check out tomorrow’s news segment in Channel News Asia at 10.20PM. We’ll be featured on The Big Picture *grin* I’m really honored that we’re able to give something new to the tourism scene… not only new, but completely different. Woot!!!



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7 responses to “Singapore’s sexiest magician on FHM!

  1. Crysis

    I like the way JC Sum poses for FHM. The mysterious and dashing pose of his really makes me want to be a magician

  2. Adam

    This one hour show is a modern, urban illusion show with original material. I truely agree with her, I can’t find any of the illusion performed by other magician on youtube.

  3. Aaron

    it’s curious that FHM decided interviewing JC sum instead of a girl. i thought he should be featured more on entrepreneur magazines, newsweek or business times or something.

  4. Jack

    i kinda disagree with you aaron. i think that it is right for fhm to feature jc sum. it inspires people (especially singapore guys who like to read fhm) to aim higher and all.

  5. William

    ooh.. i haven’t had time to get a copy. i’ll get one soon.

  6. admin

    FHM must obviously think J C Sum is sexy, else why would they feature him in their magazine? 😉 Wuahahahahahahaha…

  7. Jaya

    errr.. hahahaha.. maybe that’s one of the reasons. :p but i think it’s more of what jack says.

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