“Ultimate Magic” Private Showcases @ The Arena!

Meowwwwrrr… check out our photos from tonight’s special showcases for the media and tour companies at The Arena! HAWT!!!

…That’s yours truly in the midst of Magic Babe‘s sultry sai dance with twin Japanese daggers, just before I push deadly spikes through J C in a new illusion we have called SPIKER! I was really glad my leather masks came on time, it actually arrived when we were rehearsing in the morning. I also ordered another one (in spiffy red and black) from the same BDSM shop located in Los Angeles but decided to do a Zorro instead.

That’s the two of us during Crystal Metamorphosis (specially designed and fabricated by J C), which had rave applause and cheers from the audience at the end. The people watching below were truly amazed at our magical transposition through the solid acrylic tank. for the uninitiated it’s a modern-day improvement to the legendary Houdini’s classic sub trunk illusion.

As some of you know, REVO-LLUSION made its debut last year and it’s a one of the kind illusion. I got a guy (someone tall, dark and handsome!) from the audience to come up to check the 8ft tall giant industrial fan on all sides (360 degrees baby!), also providing that the heavy steel blades were real and solid, before we switched the monstrous thing on and J C appeared through the deadly spinning blades.

Full Throttle saw J C & I in a fast action paced illusion sequence that magically produced a Yamaha sportsbike and a motorcyclist in full gear. This all original illusion, which is also designed by J C, received thunderous applause from the audience because it was just so impossible.

That’s a picture from our closing illusion, EXTREME BURN,  which sees my close escape from a deadly flaming spear. Prior to this, we showed the video of The Impalement Cage: South East Asia’s first Mega Escape, which saw yours truly, Singapore’s only professional female magician and escape artist, cheat death in 90 seconds. Check out the 2 online videos currently on STOMP’s most watched list here.

In all, we had FANTASTIC response from the audience and besides media interviews, we had many people requesting photos with us. That was really sweet. What made it memorable for me was a group of ladies telling me that they thought what I was doing was really awesome because they’d never seen a woman hold her own on stage ‘live’ before and I was something very different *grin* Well, thanks for your wonderful vote of confidence ladies!!!

On an even happier note, the big bosses from The Arena shared that major players in the tourism sector were so impressed by our performance that they booked packages for Ultimate Magic already and are thrilled that Singapore finally has it’s very own first permanent illusion show. Mike treated all of us to a yummy dinner but I couldn’t really eat much because I was still recovering from the gastric flu. It’s been a reeeeeally exhausting day because we had non-stop rehearsals prior to the 2 shows but I’m really proud of my team who did a TERRIFIC job. Special thanks too to syc77 for the photos!

Kudos everyone. I heart y’all!!!!!

Okay, J C & I have two back to back performances tomorrow night for corporate events… and Ade reminds me I’ve got a magazine interview and photoshoot in the morning as well. Man, there’s just no time to breathe. I am SOOOO looking forward to the weekend!!!



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6 responses to ““Ultimate Magic” Private Showcases @ The Arena!

  1. Marcus

    You look like the bat girl in the first few pictures.

  2. Adam

    Yea! I agree that you look like the bat girl, together with your twin Japanese daggers, you look extremely HAWT!

  3. Jack

    i disagree. i think she looks more like the catwoman. meow. haha.. i think ning would prefer being a cat than a bat.

  4. William

    stylo! i like the fireworks and the smoke. is that the show? seems very interesting..

  5. admin

    Er, actually Ning just prefers being called Magic Babe 😉 Well, I do admit there are times where I do act very catty… and there’s the geeky dufus side of me who can be quite batty! *grin*

    Don’t forget to tell your friends about the sneaks this August. Tickets now available here or via SISTIC!


  6. Jaya

    haha.. i agree that magic babe still sounds nicer. most girls are a bit like cats at one time or other. 😉

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