Customised shows for Sony Bravia!

…And that, ladies and gentlemen, is some wiiiiiiiicked mind reading! *grin*

Today saw me do not one, not two, but THREE customised stage magic shows for Sony Bravia at Mandarin Hotel in town. Members of the media, dealers, and customers came for the event and my one-gal show was the ending highlight. Check out Event Ads on TV soon for it!

Even though it’s Magic Babe’s One-Gal Show, I couldn’t have done it alone without my fantastic team. The ending illusion on stage saw me push spikes visibly through J C Sum (my very lovely assistant) while Matt & Larry were indispensable as always and Ade manned the controls.

I really love my team. My horrid stomach flu was acting up and they were so protective of me because they knew I was really sucking it up to be able to perform (in more ways than one) and function properly. No one in the audience and even the client had a clue I was ill, except for a reporter who was talking to me at length until I had to politely excuse myself because I needed my medication. Good thing J C stepped in at the perfect time to talk to her *g*

Because the 3 shows were pretty spaced out, we had about 2+ hours between each show, so that saw us getting errands done during this ‘free’ time. We headed to The Arena, which is now like our second home, and fixed up some things. The other round of ‘free’ time we had was spent at the Concept:Magic office, because there was just so much paperwork to oversee. On the way back to Mandarin Hotel in Orchard Road, the fellas practically cracked me up with their lame antics.

As J C dropped us at the front and went to park his car, the bunch of us bustled our way to the performance venue and with Ade walking in front leading the way, Larry & Matt flanked my sides as I tried to catch up. The guys had their hands out, acting like bodyguards and bellowing things like "Miss Cai will not take questions", etc. Haha… Magic Babe’s pseudo entourage. Larry suggested I put on shades and act all diva-ish but that just made me laugh harder, which hurt because my tummy wasn’t exactly in top shape yet. Heh.

This is certainly hell week because though I’m done with my 3 customized stage shows (and the clients and their big bosses who specially flew down for this , were very happy), there’s 2 very vital shows for the people who matter at The Arena tomorrow. And oh, did I mention the 2 corporate show bookings J C & I have scheduled on Friday night at two different locations?

…And people often ask me why I have no time to date… *rueful grin*

I so need a clone.




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5 responses to “Customised shows for Sony Bravia!

  1. N1

    Awesome stuff!! I sure hope you’re recovering from that stomach flu…

  2. admin

    Yeah baby!!!! I’m all good already… saw my Nu You photo on your blog… Hee… gosh, I can’t wait us to meet up!!!! =)

    Your N2

  3. Jack

    sounds really tough. no wonder jc sum is still single too. oops.. =X

  4. William

    haha.. most jobs aren’t as simple as they look. there’s always more underneath that is never seen to the outside world.

  5. Jaya

    yea, most jobs have their unseen side. one will never know how much stress the other is handling till he tries it himself.

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