‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum’s 938 LIVE radio interview

That’s J C & yours truly this morning at MediaCorp Radio’s 93.8FM radio station. We were specially invited by Stanley, veteran radio personality and host of The Living Room, to grace his popular radio talk show. Time practically flew as we casually bantered about Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, Ultimate Magic @ The Arena; the upcoming Mega Illusion presented by Central called The Impossible Journey, that sees 3 random people get teleported across the iconic Singapore River in just 2.5 seconds!

Speaking of which, do swing by Central which is the huge mall located on the other side of the Singapore River because they’ve got an awesome promotion happening right now till mid September. When you shop at Central, you may just get the chance to be one of the lucky three to be teleported! Also, a bunch of magic lovers will also have the opportunity to learn magic personally from the Mega Illusionist, J C Sum, himself… and one special selected person gets to go on a dinner date with me! See www.thecentral.com.sg

Oh yes… you missed it, there’s a repeat of our radio interview tonight at 10.10PM and it’ll also be aired tomorrow on Channel News Asia. A big thank you to those who caught our radio interview and sent in their congrats… I couldn’t reply your text messages as we were on air… ‘LIVE’!



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16 responses to “‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum’s 938 LIVE radio interview

  1. William

    err, there’s nothing on the central website about you leh..

  2. Aaron

    93.8? i seldom listen to the radio.. :p

  3. Jenny

    i was working, so i couldn’t listen to the radio. i’ll catch it later tonight. 🙂

  4. Matthew

    Do we need any minimum spending in order to be able to qualify for the lucky draw?

  5. Jack

    the studio looks so cool!! so colorful!

  6. Xavin

    I can’t wait for the interview. 10 more minutes to go.

  7. Harry

    Is that the only way to be the 3 lucky audience members? Can i volunteer to be the audience member?

  8. tania

    Wow! Congrats on going on a full radio talk show! I caught the segment on radio and thought it was really good. 🙂 It is very interesting for listeners like us to understand more about your line of work! ^_^

  9. garret

    Wow! Dinner date with Magic Babe. I gonna try my luck for that!

  10. James

    Only one lucky winner to go for a dinner date with you? How much do I have to buy to earn 1 chance? Must go down to Central and start shopping!!

  11. Chloe

    Learn magic personally from JC Sum. Woh!!

  12. Marcus

    Click on the tab ‘happening’. You will see a beautiful picture of JC and Ning and the details.

  13. Berito

    heh, you not only have to spend $50, you also need to write something to qualify!!

  14. Wei Hong

    I will be shopping at Clark Quay from now to Sep. I gonna try my luck for the Mega Escape.

  15. Peter

    Are we going to learn real magic when we get the chance to meet JC Sum? I’m so excited about this.

  16. admin

    Thanks everyone! Your interest and support is super AWESOME!!! For the shopping mall promo, please check out Central’s website @ http://www.thecentral.com.sg


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