I’m SICK!!!! :(

I woke up this morning at 4AM in cold sweat, my head burning and my stomach churning badly. I’d barely made my way into the bathroom, my head spinning hotly before I threw up. It was alarming because I was feeling completely healthy just a few hours ago, prior to pulling up my blankets and catching some ZZZs. I was hugging the WC bowl, chucking up thrice as cold sweat oozed out of my pores. In the midst of it all, I just had to chuckle.

It’s such an irony really… the girl who survived South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage is obviously down with the stomach flu bug. It’s something I’m prone to when I’m over-worked and fatigued… not a pleasant surprise but I knew I had to haul my ass to the doctor’s in the morning. There at the clinic, he gave me a jab on the butt because he understood that I needed to use both arms and couldn’t afford a sore muscle.

The medication’s really horrible tasting and the worst is the icky chalky mixture that completely knocks me out flat in less than half an hour. After the radio ad recording in the morning, J C & I met the rest of the team at The Arena for our slated rehearsals. I had to suck it up because I couldn’t let the rest of the team down but I was thankful that everyone was truly understanding and allowed me some feverish cat naps whenever I could.

Rehearsals are going well and I honestly couldn’t have prayed for a better team. I love how everyone’s trying their best to make this a great success. My bruises and scrapes are back, as they usually do, during peak season, but that’s inevitable. No mini-skirts for me for the next few weeks!

I had a meeting with a client at 4PM. They flew down to Singapore and we chatted for a bit as they’ve booked me for 3 back-to-back customised stage shows that I’d be presenting and J C will be producing. This happens the day after tomorrow and after they left (pleased and happy), J C patted me on the head for "switching it on" so no one suspected that this girl was under the weather. I practically crawled to my dressing room later, and thank god Ade was there for me with warm water!

Once we were all done with our stage rehearsals, it was off to the video editor’s. I’m really excited because my Impalement Cage clip will be played during our Ultimate Magic show! It introduces our finale act, which is something unique and never been done before! We’ve got a ‘LIVE’ radio interview with Stanley of the Living Room on News Radio 93.8FM tomorrow morning so do check that out. There will also be a repeat at 10.10pm too!

Meanwhile, I’m gonna get more rest so I don’t sound too ‘off’ for tomorrow… *grah* I hate being sick!!!



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10 responses to “I’m SICK!!!! :(

  1. Wei Hong

    You should have taken a longer rest. If not your condition will worsen

  2. Aaron

    seems like a lot of people are falling sick nowadays.. but the bruises.. ouch..

  3. William

    ouch! the bruises look like you were struggling from some monster or someone abused you!

  4. Jenny

    oh my.. do take care.

  5. Bernard

    Do remember to take care when you are having rehearsal and performance. Safety first.

  6. Jack

    the bruises look horrible.. do take care!

  7. garret

    The weather is terrible these days. Drink more water.

  8. Jaya

    oh dear, the bruises really look horrible. how did you get them?

  9. Peter

    Hope you are alright. It has been a while since i visit your blog. It looks like this place is so lively now!

  10. admin

    Thanks so much for your concern everyone, sorry to make you worried, I’m all OK now… fully recovered from the gastric flu. The bruises and scrapes and cuts were from work but nothing serious, nothing broken 😉

    Appreciate your kind words!!!!


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