Dinner with Luke and the Queenies!

The team ended rehearsals at The Arena at 6PM and it was a crazy rush for me to freshen up and get ready for the night out because Nats & Luke had booked us for dinner! Yup, the love birds bought us all dinner tonight at a really cosy roof-top restaurant tucked away in Holland Village, to thank us for helping out during their big day. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since they’ve been married… time just flies!

I’m really happy for my N1 because the woman is practically glowing. She’s never looked more radiant… I guess you can tell when someone is simply perfect for you. You’ll always be happy, no matter what. They just make you feel truly complete, like the other part of that missing portion of soul just comes sliding home…

Anyways, the food and dessert were wonderfully SCRUMPTIOUS… even better yet, Nats gave each of us a thank you card & a special gift! I felt it was something they really shouldn’t have, especially when all of us ripped open the packages like kids during Christmas and found a gorgeous leather Coach purse in our hands. By some uncanny stroke of chance, we all picked the colors that suited us the most. Nats didn’t want to play favorites so she left it to chance and made us all pick one wrapped present each from the box.

I got my favorite color, white, and our goth Queenie, Spanky, (who sat opposite me) got her favorite… black. Extremely apt – the whole ying/ yang thing. The rest of the girls squealed in delight too… Kris didn’t get a purse (only because he’s a guy) but he did get a much bigger thank you card. LOL! As always, there’s never a meeting which doesn’t see us girls doing our usual cam-whoring… so here are my darling Queenies!

Luke and Nats… I swear, the man doesn’t even look his age! Mid 30s?! No way!

Jas, Ethyl and Nats in their quirky anti-smoking message to the masses… SMOKING… BAD!!!

Spanky and Zann… poor Mabes couldn’t come because she was tied up. Uhm, ok, well, not literally.

N1 & N2… people still say Nats and I look like sisters. In fact…

Everyone called Ethyl my ‘twin’. This sassy Eurasian chick is one spicy firecracker!

Three hot babes… meoooowrrr…

Honestly, I’m so glad I met up with them because it certainly gave me a good break, you know… all that yummy food and dessert, wonderful company, the happy chatter, corny jokes, silly faces we pulled when we flirted for the camera and everything. Also, I pulled introverted J C out of his shell as well. The man is such a recluse, it’s not funny. He met the Queenies during my Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage last weekend and they were totally cool about him joining in too, so I grabbed him after rehearsals since everyone else had dinner appointments. After all… The more the merrier (and I also needed a driver… hee hee)!

I can’t wait for our next makan session!!! *grin*



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5 responses to “Dinner with Luke and the Queenies!

  1. Aaron

    haha.. why do your posts always come in a few at a shot? save time, everything post together? :p

  2. William

    your friends and you really look alike!

  3. Jenny

    jc sum went for the dinner? then why isn’t his picture taken? 😉

  4. Jack

    he is in the last picture what..

  5. Jaya

    hmm.. if you didn’t mention, i wouldn’t know that the guy is jc sum. doesn’t look like him..

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