"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free." – Jim Morrison

To be honest, that’s one of my favorite quotes ever… because there’s so much truth in it. It’s also one big reason why I agreed to attempt South East Asia’s first mega escape: The Impalement Cage which was designed by my manager, mentor and stage partner.

As I currently poke at my keyboard in bed, I can’t believe Friday’s come and gone… I just did 2 stage shows back-to-back as two different organizations booked me for my One Gal show this evening, one close to 9PM and the other at 10.15PM. Traveling was a big b*tch because traffic isn’t entirely smooth on a Friday night. and what’s with all the $@# ERP charges till 10.30PM!?!

Seriously. After everything was over, I’d completely lost my appetite to eat. You know how it gets when you’re just way too exhausted, you’re not the least bit hungry anymore? Yeah. That was what happened.

By the time I was done with the final show, which had a big crowd, I was so beat (I had a long day which started early) and just wasn’t feeling up to heading to the Ministry of Sound, to join the Queenies and their other halves to party at the club. Frankly, I’m deeply tempted and I’d rather be in the company of my darling Queenies now than be here all alone. But it’s times like these that I need to remind myself about being a responsible adult, since we all have intensive stage rehearsals at 10AM tomorrow till early evening. Bummer. Well, at least I’ll be meeting my Queenies for dinner tomorrow when we’re done at The Arena.

These gals are my rock. Insensitive men can break your heart and make you cry. Girl friends are forever.

My work schedule next week is a total killer. A show preview for a big MNC client at the very start of the week, studio recordings, video editing, another media interview, 3 back-to-back customised one gal shows on a single day, two extremely important illusion shows the day after, another two basic illusions in the evening with J C Sum at the end of the week… gosh. And the strangest thing is that most people probably think we don’t do much and only work during showtime. Like hello, there’s still training, blocking, rehearsals, and more, honey!

Nothing can be further than the truth. We’re so busy, we’re practically up to our ears with work and unfortunately, no one else in the company’s got as many gigs than I have. Nobody will completely understand how impossibly hectic my work schedule is right now, or my struggles and weariness, and I still haven’t even highlighted the on-going stuff happening for Magic Boutique & Mighty Magic Factory! *sigh* It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. It’s really not as glamorous as you’d imagine!

Anyways. I honestly hope to get a good break soon, to get away from everything and everyone before the sneaks in August start for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena. I so need some ME time. Alone time. A good quality break for rejuvenation so I’m in top form again. I haven’t had the frikkin chance to juice up my batteries even after last Saturday’s big event at Clarke Quay.

I’m not apologizing if I sound like I’m whining a lot in this post. This girl is only human. So bite me…

…And while you are at that because you actually think that you’re more perfect than me and everyone else around you, I’m going to ignore you and simply teleport into my fantasy island in my dreams… G’Nite!




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24 responses to “Exposé

  1. Addy

    *BIG BIG BIG HUGS* Sayang…….

    I know it’s really stressful and pressurising for you… Do tahan for a while more – it should be much easier once you have the show on track. I know you can do it.

  2. Pamela

    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

    I think during life there are lots of thing we fear of doing and this prevent us from going far. I am glad you took up the challenge

  3. Kev

    Ya true. If people just go ahead and do the thing they like. They will success one day after trying so many times. Magic Babe is a perfect example.

  4. Aaron

    nice pictures! you know, that time i saw a man eating noodles.. he was dozing off in between bites.. haha..

  5. Jack

    not all guys are like that ma..

  6. Charles

    ooh, nice blog! i was surfing around for magic and i found your blog. great pictures!

  7. Ronnie

    is that picture of the guy blowing fire taken by you? it’s so cool!! i wanna learn that!

  8. Jaya

    i wish i can blow fire like that guy in the first picture..

  9. Peter

    JC Sum know how to eat fire, you can try consulting JC Sum if you want to learn.

  10. derrick g

    Bite you? Now that’s tempting. LOL!!

  11. Aaron

    eh? blow fire and eat fire is like opposite leh..

  12. Jenny

    haha.. your blog entry title was a bit misleading..

  13. William

    blow fire is easy what. juz blow alcohol. it’s juz the technique of blowing that’s difficult.

  14. Peter

    If i am not wrong, blowing fire is much more easier than eating fire. Ya, just make sure the fire doesn’t go in the direction of your mouth can already.

  15. James

    Can i know where do you get hold of these pictures? i want see more of these types of photo.

  16. sheep

    just realised u were the shepherdess. =)

    i watched the video and i’m really really really glad you made it. =) do take care of yourself ya girl?

    miss u…

  17. Elson

    Can feel your frustration after the stressful week. Relax!!

  18. Marcus

    These are proof that you are popular, baby. Think positive.

  19. Amanda

    Has your back recovered? With the hactic week ahead, it’s going to be bad if it’s not fixed.

  20. Xavin

    You deserve a break after such a few tiring week. Inform your boss, i am sure he will understand.

  21. Derrick

    Guess Magic Babe is too busy with performing until she forget to blog.

  22. Wei Hong

    It is alright for a girl to whine. Haha. Then there will always be a man to comfort her. I’ll be there for you.

  23. admin

    Thanks everyone!!! Appreciate your kind words and thoughts. It’s been one helluva ride and it wouldn’t have been the same w/o you 🙂


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