STB specially brings in foreign media to check us out!

I just got some really cool pictures from last Saturday’s event from different people and thought they should be posted on my blog *grin* These are by Peter Ong, who’s a true genius behind the lens! I personally think the shutterbug captured the moment spectacularly well!

The beginning… all shackled and locked down, with a blindfold bag over my head, with only a single paper clip to lock pick my way out of The Impalement Cage before the bed of metal spikes crash down in 90 seconds.

This was really a triumphant moment for me really, when I managed to free myself from the neck collar (attached to a chain at the front of the cage) held in place by the stubborn combination lock behind me. I was honestly on the verge of freaking out because I missed the right combination series in my first attempt and time was seriously running out!

My extremely close shave with death… if I’d been inside for just ONE SECOND longer, I wouldn’t be able to be blogging right now… There was no contingency and at the speed and velocity those spikes came crashing down… well, it would NOT be good.

Sweet victory is Magic Babe’s… and that’s J C & Ade behind me on the stage, relieved that everything went spectacularly well!

Kenny Sia, Malaysia’s most popular blogger, came down to Singapore and the sweet guy came by to say HELLO! Turns out he’s a friend of David (hey man, how’s the broken leg!!!) and was informed about my unique never-been-done-before feat happening at Clarke Quay. That’s us before the show… when we were just done with the set-up. I was so hot and sweaty!!!

Anyways. Tonight! Let me start telling you about what happened today.

I am SO immensely proud of my team tonight, seriously. This evening’s special private show at The Arena @ Clarke Quay was really important because the Singapore Tourism Board brought in a big group of reporters from many different countries to basically introduce us (the duo who would be doing The Impossible Journey – the instant teleportation of 3 people across the Singapore River in September, during the Singapore GP season)… and the audience LOVED us!!! *does a completely Magic Babe uncharacteristic happy geeky dance* Woo hoo!!!!

There’s no such thing as flawless execution and in any show, performance or event, there may be screw ups and bumps that may happen. Tonight’s sneak preview of Ultimate Magic was no exception but everyone was professional and alert so the audience watching below did not see a thing. I hurt my back quite badly, and got a few cuts but no one ever knew (after the show, J C & I still had to head down into the masses to say our hellos and take their questions) until later, in the privacy of my dressing room. Ow ow ow ow ow!!! There’s a big solid lump on my back now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to vanish anytime soon. SIGH.

Our show crew efficiently packed down everything as J C & I struggled to get out of our costumes & returned the wireless headset mics. Mine’s always tangled up in a tricky  mess because it has to go unobtrusively around the skinny straps of my bareback costume. And did I tell you that the air-conditioning is just F-ing FREEZING!?! Ade’s hands are always popsicles & J C’s seriously comtemplating getting a warmer for all of us. I always poke the guys in the ribs whenever they complain that they’re feeling cold backstage… I mean, they’re the ones all covered up in long pants and comfy jackets!! *growl*

After scoffing down a quick dinner at 10PM, we headed over to my buddy’s editing suite cum bachelor pad. Harry’s back from India and was telling us how amazing the experience was. My long time friend is a free spirit really. Though we both met almost 10 years ago in film school, we’re so different in character. For one, I’m a workhorse (but seriously not as severe as J C Sum because the man is a total WORKAHOLIC… in caps!) and he’s always been able to drop things and just relax. His fave words to me were always "Chill, Ning…" LOL!

The four of us had a nice chat in his spacious living room which now has some even funkier additions, and seeing his cosy house, it makes me feel envious about getting my very own bachelor girl pad. Being an independent spirit, I’d always had the notion of staying alone, away from the family nest… maybe with some friends as flatmates but that’s never happened. At least not yet.

Anyway, I’m really excited about having him edit my promo for South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage because Harry’s the very same genius who did my Magic Babe one-gal show promo video too! It’s received over 33,000 views and if you haven’t already seen it, well you can check out yours truly… Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist‘s promo video by clicking here.

The Queenies are arranging for a Friday night dinner & clubbing thing after work but the problem is that I’d only be able to meet them late because I’ve got two One-gal stage show bookings back-to-back in the evening. I hope to see the babes, unless I’m flat out like a pancake after. Good thing I’m seeing them for dinner on Saturday too, a sweet treat because I’d be in rehearsals from 10AM till 5PM to perfect our stuff for the show previews coming up next week. To be honest. Unless you’re part of the team, you’d never understand the crazy hectic schedule that I have… and I’m not even talking yet about next week!

My life would be so bland without my 4 hawt girlfriends… that’s the Queenies just outside my dressing room at the Arena *giggle* I love my babes!!!

PS: Grab your tickets for Ultimate Magic from SISTIC now!!! Sneak previews for August are already on sale and at a special price. I hope to see you there



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17 responses to “STB specially brings in foreign media to check us out!

  1. Alimran

    Are your injuries bad? Better see a doctor in case you can infection!!

  2. Amanda

    Need to see a chinese “tui na” for your back? I can introduce you a good one at China town.

  3. Elson

    These pictures are good. The impact with the timer is much stronger.

  4. Marcus

    Don’t just work, work. There is a chinese saying, ‘taking a rest is a preparation to strive further. So take a break. Want to go tea with me??

  5. William

    I can’t believe Kenny Sia personally came down to witness the event. It also prove your event to be a huge event.

  6. Ben

    Since you are performing at Arena, i believe you do not need to pay for the entrance fee when you go during your leisure time. haha.

  7. Aaron

    media from abrouad? wow.. that’s cool.

  8. Steven

    i stumbled here by accident and i find your blog cool.. a lot of nice pictures and interesting stories..

  9. Matthew

    I think you should take a break, it is just over the mega escape and you are slogging your life away. Life isn’t all about work.

  10. Jack

    wow, i want to be media too! got free shows.. so envious. 😦

  11. Ronnie

    who’s kenny sia? sounds really familiar but i have totally no idea who he is..

  12. Vincent

    ouch.. the pains of being a performer..

  13. Jaya

    is there any media from india?

  14. Jenny

    media from abroad as in like news reporters and stuff? that’s interesting.

  15. Jeanette

    your friends are so fun! haha..

  16. Kelvinson

    are there any videos available for previews?

  17. JayVi

    Aww, that was on my birthday! … I wish I would’ve been able to be there to support you, but I was half way around the world. well, see you again in August!

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