Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage – STOMP Cast!

Check it out… STOMP has a kick-ass 2 part video e-flick on last Saturday’s mega public event! I love the spiffy edit… see both videos to get a taste of the excitement that evening, along with an exclusive interview with the STOMP team! See it right now @

Meanwhile, Ade gave J C & myself a really super cool surprise in the midst of us taking a break from all that hectic rehearsals for tomorrow’s evening show at The Arena. Yep, we’ve having a special sneak preview for a bunch of foreign media that Singapore Tourism Board has specially invited down. We’ve be showcasing a private preview just for them so they’d know what to expect from Ultimate Magic, our country’s first permanent illusion show!

TADAH!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, isn’t the resemblance just totally uncanny?! *grin* I love it!!!

Okay, it’s back to rehearsals… there’s just so much to do, so little time!!!!

PS: Many THANKS to everyone who’s sent me cards & messages of congrats… I truly appreciate it! *GRIN*




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13 responses to “Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage – STOMP Cast!

  1. Jenny

    That is so sweet of Ade to give this custom made present ! I wouldn’t mind having such assistant.

  2. Aaron

    haha!! the figurines are so cute!!

  3. William

    dots.. the figurines look like some martial arts cartoon figurines..

  4. Jack

    ahha!! the guy does look a bit like jackie chan. jc = jackie chan? 😮

  5. Ronnie

    are the figurines for sale?

  6. Jeanette

    The figurines look so cute. Where to make them? I want to make a pair for my wedding leh.

  7. Clarine

    Soon you will also be famous overseas!! Hope you and JC and become our own Singapore brand magician.

  8. Peter

    That is going to cost a bomb because it is custom made. Most probably hundreds over dollars

  9. Aaron

    😮 so expensive?

  10. Vincent

    cute! i want one for myself too! :p

  11. Charles

    the figurines are cute!

  12. Jaya

    hey, i’ve seen that kind of figurine somewhere.. i remember that they’re really expensive!

  13. Kelvinson

    hey cool! i wanna make one for my girlfriend!

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