Magic Babe: Miss July (STUFF Singapore)

Check it out, the monthly magazine is finally out in stores nationwide! Pick up a copy of STUFF, which has yours truly (‘MAGIC BABE’ NING) on its cover as well as a whole bunch (at least a dozen I think) pages. If sizzling hot lingerie and sexy pouts are not your thing, then please steer clear and go far… far… awaaaaay… There’s no topless shots or anything risque like that, it’s all pretty tasteful (sorry, can’t help it… I had to turn that ‘sexy’ switch on) and even Mom & Dad liked most of it.

Yes, I’ve got cool parents. Deal with it.

Anyways, the pictures above on Singapore’s only professional female magician and escape artist (moi) are a special sneak peek as to what to expect for your six dollars worth (more if you buy extra copies). See my previous blog entry in Ning’s Magic Diaries on the full day photoshoot, which saw us taking pretty pix at different swanky spots in The Arena @ Clarke Quay and a private carpark located in Club Street, where I had a glorious time inside our country’s one and only stretch limo!

Let me know what you think… meowwwrr…



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9 responses to “Magic Babe: Miss July (STUFF Singapore)

  1. William

    really hot! tissue paper! i’m bleeding from my nose!

  2. Jack

    your parents are really open-minded!

  3. derrick g

    You probably hear this every other hour but I’m still gonna say it. You are SO HOT!!! Wish I had the chance to see you wielding your Japanese sai. Elektra #2? LOL!

  4. Jaya

    nice. the pictures are great!

  5. Jenny

    you’re so lucky to have such supporting parents!

  6. Kelvinson

    your parents are so so cool!

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