Ultimate Magic: Behind the scenes…

FiRST magazine came by this afternoon just as we were about finishing up our rehearsals. Normally I’d feel a tad sheepish being seen all sweaty and in my fave grey comfy tank and scruffy jeans, but the creative team are almost like family. The friendly editor actually came by with his wife to watch me attempt South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage last Saturday and said it was f-ing amazing *grin* AWESOME! I’ve been told that people are actually still talking on it on various blogs and forums, so that’s pretty cool. The vodcasts will be up on AsiaOne & STOMP shortly too… Channel News Asia has something very nifty coming up for us, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Anyways, here are some random pictures taken in the afternoon during the photoshoot with the popular entertainment and lifestyle magazine.

J C Sum & yours truly posing for the intro pic. He’s the nice guy with his cards (MagicSeen has called him the Ace in Asia) & me… why, I weld my signature Japanese sais of course!

Yours truly on our Yamaha sports bike in our Full Throttle motorcycle illusion… roarrrrrr… This all original motorcycle illusion was designed by J C many years ago. Who says Singaporeans aren’t creative! *wink*

The frikkin awesome Teleportation Chamber shows J C materialize from nothing… we’ve got a few of these in our studio and don’t you think it’s just so spectacular? *grin* I love it!

J C & I separated by the blades of his 8 ft tall industrial fan. This all original illusion is called REVO-LUSION, also designed by the man himself and fabricated by our magic elves. Hee hee…

Crystal metamorphosis… it’s an instant exchange between J C & yours truly. Blink and you’ll miss it!

There were a ton of other photos we took during rehearsals but this has got to be one of my favorites… I begged the photographer to send me the still. I mean, I totally love my job. It’s not often when a gal can say that she gets to push spikes through her boss every single day. Heh heh heh heh heh…

Okie dokies… I gotta run. Besides a crazy day tomorrow I still have an interview & photoshoot with another publication. More info on all that in just a bit, I promise… MUAKS!!!





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12 responses to “Ultimate Magic: Behind the scenes…

  1. Peter

    There are some good news you said you will reveal after the Mega Escape. Is it this? The content of the Ultimate Magic?

  2. Aaron

    the pictures look very familiar..

  3. William

    of course la idiot, you saw them at jc sum’s blog..

  4. Jack

    … boys, no fighting.. :p

  5. Ronnie

    haha.. of course the pics are the same. they’re partners what.. i mean show partners hor..

  6. Aaron

    oh yea.. i saw them on jc sum’s blog.. :p

  7. Vincent

    the box with the smoke looks so cool!

  8. Ronnie

    i’m gonna see it real soon.

  9. Jaya

    i’m looking forward to the show!

  10. Jenny

    i’ve bought a ticket already! looking forward to it!

  11. William

    the teleportation chamber can actually allow people to see JC sum teleporting in? 😮

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