The Day after the Mega Escape…

Okay so I’ve pretty much calmed down from the heavy andrenaline rush but there’s just absolutely no time to rest due to tight timelines and our busy schedules. The entire Concept:Magic team started rehearsing since 10AM this morning at The Arena stage and truly, I’ve really fallen in love with it. Each stage has its own character and I love this venue a lot *grin* We had a very eventful day and I’m personally very glad that I’m working with such wonderful people. I love my team!!!

Last evening’s successful event… South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage found its way on Channel News Asia last evening and today, it’s on STOMP! It’s been really heartening that thousands of people have actually viewed the photos and many have added comments to it. The pictures are fantastic… and there’s also photos on Club Snap that I’ve been alerted on. Way cool! My favorites are from a talented shutterbug named Simon, who prefers to be called  syc77.

Here’s the story in pictures…

This was on the sides of the stage… I actually got the fellas to lug one back so it’s now in our Concept:Magic Studio. Hee hee…

Adrian the emcee showed off The Impalement Cage to the audience surrounding it all around. This 360 degree full-view escape has never been done before in this part of the world!

J C & I talking to the audience and telling them what to expect in South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage. I wore my hair up instead of letting my curls hang down as usual because I didn’t want my hair to get in the way. During a previous rehearsal, my hair actually got tangled on a chain and it was a really big ouchie…. but not as icky as when I lost two of my toenails *sigh* The sacrifices for one’s art!

The shackles, locks, chains and cage are throughly checked by someone from the audience to verify that it is all legit. Absolutely no trap doors or smoke and mirrors, baby! The rest of the crew (all wearing heavy duty leather gloves) start to place the spikes in place, making checks and getting everything ready.

All locked, chained and shackled. I had leather straps binding my feet together with a lock securing my legs to the front of the cage. A heavy chain wraps around my waist and is secured by two locks on opposing ends. An comfortable steel collar goes around my neck and is fastened by a combination lock (my least favorite because it’s the hardest to crack!) and both hands are held above my head, shackled by sturdy no-nonsense German handcuffs… and yeah, I get completely blindfolded too.

The count down timer starts and I immediately start working on picking the locks to the cuffs binding my hands above my head with the single paper clip… not an easy task when you can’t see anything and you’re in such an uncomfy position!

With both hands finally free and the blindfold bag off my head, it’s time to start cracking the combination lock that secures the steel neck brace that is chained to the front of The Impalement Cage. It’s really not easy having to visualize everything backwards, if you know what I mean…

That off, it was a rush to release the chains around my waist by picking the lock on my left side. The last lock to pick was the one at my feet…

And finally,swiveling out of the cage, I barely made it out in time in just a split second before the spikes fell at a great impact!

Gosh, it was just SO close! Check out the YouTube video here for the excitement if you missed it that day. LOL. My folks told me that they were really panicking for me last night. Oh well. What can I say, I’m an adrenaline junkie. Big time!



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15 responses to “The Day after the Mega Escape…

  1. Larry

    I nearly fainted when the steel cage drop down. I thought u will not make it on time.

  2. Jaya

    the pictures are taking very long to load.. very nice pictures though. 🙂

  3. Aaron

    club snap sounds like a photography club.. no wonder the picture quality is so high..

  4. derrick g

    Adrenaline junkie’s fine but your safety’s the most important. Take care ya 🙂

  5. William

    too much adrenaline isn’t good you know.. next time you start feeling adrenaline rush for no particular reason..

  6. Jack

    looks definitely are deceiving.. you look totally as though you are enjoying it!

  7. Jenny

    nice pictures.

  8. James

    You look really gorgeous when you just escape the cage. I can really see the wild factor in you.

  9. Amanda

    The pictures are good. The video is not up to standard la. Only can see movement and Ning’s face is blocked by the cage. Anyone has taken better video? Upload leh, don’t keep it to yourself.

  10. Ronald

    Your hard work, all the bruises and the 2 broken toe nails surely paid off. Your performance is awesome.

  11. Jeanette

    Want good videos, go to stomp website. You can see the whole act in close up. It’s so clear, you can see Ning’s expression, something you missed when you are at the scene.

  12. Chloe

    Did you see the pendent Ning is wearing? Oh!! It’s a spider. Looks so special. Where to buy huh?

  13. Amanda

    Oh! I have watched the video, it’s real good, so much, much better. There is even an interview with Ning after the show.

  14. Ronnie

    great pics!

  15. Vincent

    jiayou for your rehearsals!

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