Channel News Asia & TODAY newspaper

It’s finally Friday, a few more hours to go before tomorrow evening’s Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage! *starts chewing nails in excitement but spits because she just painted them black* OMG! Time flies!!!

Heh. I woke up to a whole slew of text messages this morning (thank you – you know who you are!!!) who said that they saw in my today’s TODAY, The New Paper and The Straits Times! The Arena has run newspaper ads today for tomorrow’s one-off spectacular and TODAY’s magic feature was really awesome! Check out the brilliant write up. I chuckled so many times just reading the candid interview…

You can read the entire article at the TODAY Online website, here. This link opens into a PDF and the vibrant colors from our photo above just looks so TOTALLY AWESOME! *grin* We met up with the newspaper reporter and his photographer at The Arena, when we just finished moving in our illusions and props backstage earlier this week. It was a great session because he was such an easy going guy who impressed me when he obviously did his homework and had a pretty solid pop culture knowledge. Nice!

The veteran journalist from MediaCorp Publishing was really impressed with our youthful drive and professional track record. We actually met him at the recent STB press conference for the GP F1 season, where we were invited by STB because of our professional involvement in the Singapore River Festival  – 24 September sees both J C & yours truly teleport 3 random folks across the iconic river in 2.5 seconds! Stay tuned to more on South East Asia’s largest Mega Illusion in just a bit *wink*

Anyways… Our very same story in today’s copy of TODAY has also been picked up by Channel News Asia as a TOP STORY! Wicked cool… It’s awesome when the media supports good local talent *grin* Check it out here!

Yeah… It’s just so totally AWESOME that the media is truly interested in what we’re up to… besides those who have already featured us, there’s still i-weekly, IS Magazine, Stuff, FHM, First and Tiger Tales (Tiger Airways in-flight magazine)! These publications would be coming out shortly, stay tuned for details. See J C’s blog for updates too!

Meanwhile, August tickets for ULTIMATE MAGIC sneak previews are already available for sale now at SISTIC. Click here to make your online purchases securely or buy them over the counter at all SISTIC outlets nationwide! Our one hour illusion show, Ultimate Magic (Singapore’s first permanent illusion show), plays for an hour at 7.30pm every Saturday at The Arena. From this September till 2010, J C & I will perform every Mon – Sat at 5pm & 7pm! The tickets for next month’s sneak previews are sold at a special price so don’t miss out on this *wink*

SEE YA TOMORROW AT CLARKE QUAY FOUNTAIN, 9PM FOR’ MAGIC BABE’ NING IN…SOUTH EAST ASIA’S FIRST MEGA ESCAPE: THE IMPALEMENT CAGE!!! And check out the news on TV today too *wink* We’re featured under NEWS in Channel News Asia!



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43 responses to “Channel News Asia & TODAY newspaper

  1. Aaron

    wow, time really flies! the big thing is juz tomorrow! good luck for your performance tomorrow!

  2. Jack

    wow, you’re hot! 😉

  3. Aaron

    erm, where’s RMIT? :p

  4. William

    what’s IS magazine?

  5. Adam

    I saw the WHOLE page advertisement on you mega escape tomorrow! I was browsing through the NewPaper today and was surprised to see the advertisement.

  6. Ronnie

    good luck! can i get an autograph tomorrow? 😉

  7. Peter

    All the best to your Mega Escape tomorrow!!

  8. Mohan

    hey good luck!

  9. Jaya

    see you tomorrow! 😉

  10. BH

    Will be there today to give you my fullest support! I think it is awesome that a local is doing SG proud and showing all the guys that gals can kick @ss too!! 🙂

  11. JayVi

    Miss ning!!

    OMG, I saw you live for the very first time in my life tonight, and I am extremely astonished by your performance!! I’ve been raving about you to all my friends and family that you’re the most beautiful person in the business! but.. after seeing you in person tonight… I definitely think you’re one of the most beautiful persons I have ever seen in my life! Not only that you pulled off an amazing act on front of a live, uncontrollable audience, with no shown tricks or gimmicks, and everything was seen without any curtains or shields, but you definitely captured the hearts of many people of all types and ages. I wish I could have met you up close in person, but you seemed to be busy with the VIPs. Maybe when I visit Singapore again? :haha:
    Anyways, I’m truly sorry for such a long comment, but I just wanted to know that we all love you and your work and support your 110% of the way! Please continue to do succeed in life because we all wish the best for you! 2 seconds o.O :WOW!:

  12. Peter

    I went to the performance too! My heart almost jumped out when the timer was close to 0 and you are not out yet. It is really a close shave!

  13. Aaron

    great job!! congrats!

  14. Jaya

    yesterday’s performance was awesome!! i loved it! great job gal!

  15. Jack

    hey, congrats on your performance! it was so hot!!

  16. William

    great job for yesterday’s escape!

  17. Jenny

    it’s a pity i missed the event. are there any videos or pictures?

  18. derrick g

    For those of you who missed the action, this chappie uploaded some cool pics.

    Ning, you absolutely rock!!

  19. Ling

    Hey Ning! It’s so good to see you again after that long hiatus donkey years ago. Haha. Yeah, it was a great performance last night, like I said yesterday, I was really worrying sick for you in the last 3 seconds. That was incredibly tight. Just glad you managed it fine in the end. ^_^

    Rock on, old friend!

    PS, if you ever have some morsel of time, do ring me and ren hui up, so long since we met up and chilled properly. =D

    Til then,

  20. derrick g

    This fella has posted some pics from the show

    Ning, you totally rock!!

  21. Wei Hong

    Congrat! I was sweating for you in the crowd.. you took quite long during the first part and i was wondering whether you can make it in time.

  22. Ronnie

    nice timing! i was a bit worried for a second..

  23. Elson

    Your performance was great!! We were there at 6 to make sure that we get the best view. Congrat!!

  24. Nat

    My heart was racing with you when the timer was counting down. It was really a narrow escape. We definitely enjoy your performance very, very much

  25. Sean Cliffton

    I really enjoyed the performance. Anyone put up clips on the youtube? I really wished to look at it again. I definitely will be going for the sneak preview.

  26. Ronnie

    Heh, found a video on you tube. Although it’s not so good, it’s better than nothing la.

  27. Matthew

    Congratulation!! I heard you made it through successful from the news

  28. William

    any updates? feelings on having completed the escape? anything? oo

  29. Aaron

    i think they’re concentrating more on their new show lor.. unless they want to take a break? 😮

  30. derrick g

    For those who missed the action, visit the ClubSnap forums. A guy there posted some closer up pics. Ning is just so awesome!! 🙂

  31. derrick g

    Here are the pics. No, I wasn’t the photog. BTW the interview Ning did with CNA was the first time I heard Ning speaking and boy does she have a lovely voice!

  32. Larry

    You can’t really experience the tension on youtube. It is so different compared to watching it live.

  33. Supreme Magus

    Ning, you are great and was in your top-form last Saturday. Was there too to give you support! Unlike the rest of the crowd whose adrenaline was rushing when the seconds counting down came almost to a zero, I was full of confidence that you could easily make it. Afterall, you have been training so hard! Will be there to support you again when you are performing at the Arena. Hope to perform next to you and show you some magic of mine one day when we meet!

  34. Ronnie

    woa.. magus is so confident. confidence is good. overconfidence is arrogance, which is not good.

  35. derrick g

    Despite some retarded comments made by some people (obviously jealous competitors) its good to see that Ning goes about her business without letting a bunch of retards get to her.

    By all means, call a spade a spade. Why should you be afraid of speaking the truth? I like her attitude. This babe’s totally cool!

  36. Aaron

    i don’t beilieve that magus didn’t even feel a little worried when ning was still struggling to free herself at 4 seconds left.

  37. shepherdess

    *hugs* =) glad you made it safe and sound. =)

  38. Amir

    Action speaks louder than words. Ning has already proven that she is the one and only in Singapore.

  39. Ejas

    Just saw your pictures in Stuff. Can’t believe that you can gel so well with the tech gadgets. So ‘charlie angles’!!

  40. Kenny

    Ning did not struggle to free herself. She was still graceful, elegant and confident during the whole act. No ‘struggling’!!

  41. Berito

    Wa!! the pictures in Stuff magazine is hot, man. Hope to get a chance to take a shot with you.

  42. Supreme Magus

    To all who thinks otherwise of the Supreme Magus, I will show you a trick or two if chance allows us to meet! And you will know why I am the Supreme Magus. Magus in old Latin word means Magician!

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