Friday Weekly: 第817期

Check out the current issue of Friday Weekly (04/07/08 – 10/07/08) for my exclusive article in the popular Chinese tabloid!

Gosh, I remember reading the newspaper in school when I was in MGS… they still have fun, refreshing angles! Anyways, you can also see the online version of my interview by clicking on the link below!


I don’t know why I’ve got such a cheeky face in the photo below but anyways, I couldn’t help but giggle at a particular (playful!) bit in their lengthy but easy-to-read article:

在魔术界里,这名身材瘦小、长发飘逸,再加上迷人笑容和性感身材的魔术师被封为“魔术宝贝嬣”(Magic Babe Ning),还有杂志说她是“魔术界里的章子怡”。

…Yes yes, J C’s the Mr Nice Guy & Magic Babe’s the fox with the knives!

Rehearsals for my Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage have stepped up considerably and I can’t believe that the weekend is coming up shortly! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has been so awesome with their well-wishes, I truly appreciate your tremendous support and kind thoughts. Saturday night’s feat is a one-off spectacular which will never be repeated again, so do swing by Clarke Quay at 9PM to catch the action happening at the fountain area. Admission is free so see you there!





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6 responses to “Friday Weekly: 第817期

  1. Aaron

    heyy, i think you look a little like stephanie sun in the photo! haha.. maybe it’s an illusion. 😉

  2. Jack

    hey good luck for your performance! i’ll be there to watch.

  3. William

    ooh, nice pict..

  4. Ronnie

    nice photo!

  5. Mohan

    i have totally no idea what the article is saying. anyone care to translate?

  6. Jaya

    anyone kind enough to translate?

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