Blizzard’s DIABLO III!!!

"Stay a while and listen…" Deckard Cain

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell unfreezes over and the fight between GOOD & EVIL is back!!!

Finally, after soooooooooo long, the third installment of my ALL TIME FAVORITE RPG is in development! I swear, I was such a big fan of the action role-playing game, I was practically stuck to my computer for hours in Diablo II. My favorite character was the ever-resourceful Sorceress of course, though she’s the weakest physically (sucky stamina when running, she’s one hot lady with all that fire ball hurling and teleporting, etc!) *grin* Seriously. It’s been 8 long years baby!!! And yes, the gamer geek in me is doing a happy dance right now after Blizzard announced the fan-ta-bu-lous news today!!!! 

YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Just check out the official website here! One new feature of the new 3D version I appreciate is that players can now choose the gender of the various warriors you want your character to be. The predecessor didn’t allow you that option so the only kick@ss babes in Diablo II were the assassin and sorceress characters. Awesome! Eminence Symphony Orchestra will be producing the music too, and I think it’s going to be really super with a full orchestra and choir. Plus, Blizzard posted some screen shots that are practially making me drool right now…

What’s even more SPECTACULAR are their gorgeously rendered cinematic trailers! I did 2 modules of computer animation in film school & it’s really not easy. I practically had to camp overnight in school because 3D modeling just wasn’t my cuppa tea (I still love cel-drawing though it’s a long process) and it takes forever to render something with fine detail. Kudos to these people seriously.

Gosh, I definitely cannot wait to plonk down money for the game when it hits the stores… just don’t know how I can squeeze in time for it though. I could get away with playing for hours years back because I was still in school. Maybe J C can build a cloning device like in The Prestige so while Magic Babe does all her trainings and shows and rehearsals and media photoshoots and interviews, Ning has the freedom to go shopping, head out to the movies, hit the beach, and pack the hours to play the games she loves on the computer!!! Well, a girl can dream right? Right. 

Oh yes, filming is all wrapped up and ILUSI 2.0 airs on 14 July, 8.30pm on SURIA, Mediacorp TV. Don’t miss the chance to catch Bo Vernon from Indonesia & Concept:Magic’s daredevil escape artist, ‘Iron’ Will Hairmi in action! The magic consultant for the series is none other than Singapore’s very own J C Sum. See his blog for more details about the Malay TV series coming up very soon.

PS: It’s EXACTLY one week to my Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage! Remember, it’s at 9PM on 5 July, Clarke Quay fountain area… Admission is free, so SEE YOU THERE!



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7 responses to “Blizzard’s DIABLO III!!!

  1. Wei Hong

    Thanks for the News! 8 Long years. I also have been awaiting for this game for quite a long time already. So Magic Babe is also a gamer too, what kind of games do you play in the past?

  2. William

    woa, you play computer games too? that’s so cool!

  3. Aaron

    graphics look pretty interesting, but i’m not really into cybergaming..

  4. William

    hey, aaron, juz saw ur comment. you’re missing out on so much! you should play computer games like dota or wow.. they’re so fun la!

  5. Aaron

    i’ve got other interests.. 😉 i’m wondering how ning gets time to play computer games considering the amount of work she has..

  6. Jack

    that’s true.. how does ning get time to play computer games?

  7. Ronnie

    hey you play diablo? that’s rare for a girl!

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