Oh Happy Day!!!

I got to reflecting… the past few days saw me being a little down, probably because of PMS and stress, but waking up this morning I decided to choose my attitude and everything has been sweeeeeeeeeeet! At the end of it all, it’s all about your outlook in life because not everything will go your way. Take for instance, I was really looking forward to brunch with a friend in town today but Z texted in the morning that she was a bit caught up with work so had to reschedule. Not a biggie and what I honestly appreciated, was that Z at least had the initiative to inform me a good 1 hour in advance!

Okay, so that’s pretty minor. But there’s much bigger issues too. Some technical bits for next Saturday weren’t going according to plan and seriously at a time like this, it was bugging me because I wish I could just focus on my role as a professional performer, than have to worry over issues that aren’t supposed to be my concern. However, this is reality and as a professional commercial entertainer, there’s simply stuff you have to personally oversee. But God works in mysterious ways truly… when one door closes, another opens. Things always happen for a reason, I understand that now.

My guardian angels are working on overtime because we had a door close on us abruptly today, but magically – by pure impossible coincidence, a grander one magically opened up from out of nowhere when we truly didn’t expect it to, so that was honestly really cool. Figuratively speaking of course. I’ll elaborate on these ‘doors’ after my Mega Escape on 5 July maybe. Gosh. I’m really SO excited!!!!

Speaking of my Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage, do check it out on STB’s Uniquely Singapore Event Calender webpage! Singapore Tourism Board has endorsed my ‘live’ event at Clarke Quay so do swing by the fountain area at 9pm to check out this one time feat, it’s a spectacular that will NOT be repeated! You should try to come early too since admission is free. Trust me, you’ll want to pick a nice spot.

Oh yes. TIMEOUT Singapore picked up the story and ran an exclusive interview on me in their July issue, which is just out today so you can grab a copy of the popular magazine from news stands and convenient stores nationwide *grin* My entire interview with them is available online so you can check it out later. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of it…

Yep, besides the print interview in the magazine (with more Q&A in the online version of their July issue), TimeOut Singapore also listed us under their ‘Critics Choice’ section above, which was really awesome. We’re the only magic event on it and they placed a nice little eye-catching icon of a magic wand and an old-school top hat just before our plug. It expands to a full listing description for my performance of course.

I so completely LOVE what the witty magazine wrote aboout me… Singapore’s only professional female magician takes the idea of stillettos to a whole new level. Damn right!!! Perhaps we should’ve named it THE STILLETTO CAGE instead of THE IMPALEMENT CAGE! Hahaha…

Anyways, HARRIS the bookshop is having a 25% sale on graphic novels so I practically went loco after work today at Great World City. I lugged back a whole lot of stuff, it’s a true wonder that the bags didn’t rip! It truly is such a steal and if you’re a big fan like me, it’s a fabulous time to treat yourself to something nice after working so darn hard. I can’t wait to sink my jaws into my latest babies I’m $300+ poorer but a million times happier!

Since training went well today, I decided to catch a movie. WANTED is really good and Angelina Jolie looks so mega sexy with all her tattoos, and her character plays a kick-ass assassin (my dream job!). Which brings the question… are tattoos addictive? I mean, I don’t think most people would stop at one and just one. J C’s been reminding me to go back to my inker soon for my touch-ups but I’ve just been so darn busy!!! Soon, soon. Just for touch-ups and not anything new. Heh.

Ta for now, more later!!!!





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16 responses to “Oh Happy Day!!!

  1. BH

    As someone once said: Everything happens for a reason!! There are NO accidents! 😉

    Guess you should have the entitlement to go loco for a bit after all that hard work!! Always good to have a breather, before going back.

    Keep going, you know you’ve got all your fans like us behind you!

  2. Mng Hui

    The doors are driving me crazy! Care to elaborate more? You are keeping the reader hanging from all the suspense.

  3. Crysis

    Really good to see that you have recharge yourself after those dark days.

  4. Jermarcus

    Now i know that your way of relaxation is watching movie and reading graphic novel !!

  5. Jenny

    ahha!! master wu gui! haha.. yup, shopping is the best relieve of stress for any girl. high five! 😉

  6. Wei Hong

    I wonder who is your guardian angel?

  7. Aaron

    graphic novels = comics right? $300+?? 😮 that’s like more than 10 books. where are you going to find time to read that?

  8. William

    it’s normal to buy more than 10 comics everytime what.. my girlfriend can buy 20 odd and finish everything in 2 weeks!

  9. Jack

    0.o 2 weeks? she’s gotta have to finish at least 1 and a half books everyday!

  10. Jermarcus

    You got to know that there are some hardcore comic reader out there. Once you start, it is difficult to stop. I was an addict when i was young too! Haha

  11. Ming Hui

    Magic Babe got a tattoo? I wonder where her tattoo is ? 🙂

  12. William

    What kind of comic do you read?? Quite interesting to know what kind of comic a female magician likes to read.

  13. derrick

    “‘Magic Babe’ Ning is Singapore’s only professional female magician. Depending on how this stunt goes, that title may soon be open for anyone who wants to claim it.”

    Are you exposed to any danger during the escape.

  14. admin

    Danger? Absolutely. It’s as real as it gets Derrick… but I’m an andrenaline junkie, a big one. So I totally dig all these stuff 😉 Swing by for 5 July – don’t you dare mis it!!!!

    *LOL* William, I read comics & graphic novels and my favorites are Strangers in Paradise, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Sandman, just to name a few… I draw inspiration from the strong female characters in there like Catwoman (MEOW) and Phoenix/ Jean Grey.

    Ming Hui – my tattoo’s on the nape of my neck. See if you can spot it next time 😉 It’s a modified Egyptian ankh… the symbol of immortality.

    I don’t know how I can find time too Aaron, but as for all things, one makes time for things *grin* And as for my guardian angel… well, I dunno, I think my karma’s been good because I’ve always been nice. HAHA!

    Thanks for the wonderful support everyone, I truly completely totally APPRECIATE it!!! 😀 I heart you!!!


  15. William

    ooh.. do you read naruto? my gf loves it.. haha..

  16. Aaron

    ooh.. i didn’t notice the replies yesterday.. :p yea well, i heard on class 95 that a woman can multitask much better than guys can.. so i guess you can multitaks while reading comics too.. haha..

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