FiRST: No apologies…

FiRST magazine (July08) is now out in stores! Check out my 2 page exclusive interview as Singapore’s only professional female magician and escape artist attempting July 5’s Mega Escape @ Clarke Quay & the Lust Page. They typically reserve the last page of their magazine for Hollywood celebrities so it’s truly awesome that they’ve decided to award this to a Singaporean gal! *grin*

Looking at clouds always make me feel a lot better and I’ve perked up significantly from before… inclusive of the fact that I’ve also spoken to Aloysius, who’s still as flirtatious and cheeky as ever! I’m so glad we talked over the phone… His sincere encouragement meant a lot to me as Aloy’s seen my growth since the days from yours truly being a founder member of Singapore Magic Circle (which Mr IT programmer created), to now. He’s fondly proud of me and my achievements because the man’s aware how much I’ve really worked so hard for it. Thanks for the pep talk. Encouragement always helps *grin*

This afternoon was fantastic because we had a great meeting with Central for our upcoming major project for STB’s Singapore River Festival. If you’ve read newspapers (Straits Times, Berita Harian, Lian He Zao Bao, TODAY, Wo Bao, etc.) or the radio (Class 95FM, UFM 100.3FM, etc) you’d learnt that J C & I will be doing South East Asia’s LARGEST mega illusion come this 24 Sep! Central presents… THE IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY and it sees the two of us teleport 3 muggles (yes, non magic folk, thank you) across the Singapore River in a crazy 2.5 seconds!!!

Many thanks to Mr John IP Teo, President of Singapore Association of Magicians for calling the office this morning to relate his congrats. I’m sorry I wasn’t in personally but THANKS so much for your support and well wishes! The Concept:Magic team certainly appreciates that

Anyway! Yes, Central invited J C & yours truly down to their office this afternoon because they’re working one BIG promotional campaign! It’s really awesome because the management of the mall want to do a meet & greet session with the both of us, for their shoppers. This is all in conjunction with the Singapore River illusion we’re doing, which Channel News Asia has stamped as "South East Asia’s biggest magic event at the Singapore River", because the 3 lucky muggles who get to teleport over the iconic river will be shoppers from Central.

So now you know what to do… start shopping at the mall during the promotional period this July/September! I’ll provide full details once Central has firmed up on their promo mechanics but what I’m personally thrilled is that there’s going to be this really FUN activity during the meet and greet with us. 20 lucky shoppers from Central will get to learn magic from mega illusionist, J C Sum, and 1 super duper lucky person gets to go on a dinner date with me! *LOL* They were a tad tentative when they asked me if I was okay with that, but being the easy-going person that I am, I wasn’t offended. I loved the brilliant idea! So remember to take part in the lucky draw during Central’s night shopping!!!



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16 responses to “FiRST: No apologies…

  1. Jermarcus

    I wish i am the lucky guy who get to go on a dinner date with you.

  2. Jaya

    woahoa! what a rare chance to learn magic from the master!

  3. Ronnie

    seriously, i’d give anything to be the lucky one for the dinner!

  4. William

    you perform free shows at the shopping centres?

  5. Jenny

    can females be the “lucky one” to dine with you? it’ll be interesting learning more about you.

  6. Ming Hui

    I wonder what we all have to do to become the lucky winner, i am start to dream of what JC Sum is going to teach us.

  7. Jermarcus

    Jenny, this type of opportunities should be give to guy instead. I think it will be every guy dream to have a date with Magic Babe.

  8. Jenny

    i think we should leave that for Ning to decide.. maybe she’ll feel better in a female’s company.. 😉

  9. Jermarcus

    haha.. ok.. We’ll let Ning to decide who shall be the lucky person.

  10. Jack

    i want i want!!

  11. Peter

    Hi Magic Babe, remember to tell us which are the ways in which we can get to participate in the teleportation.

  12. admin

    Hey everyone

    The dinner date thingy @ Central is open to both guys and gals… as long as you’re hot, cute and single! Haha… 😉 More info about that (as well as J C’s master class for magic) & our 3 person teleportation across the Singapore River in 2.5seconds this September, will be coming out really soon.

    Check the press, and this blog, for more updates 😀 CHEERS!


  13. William

    aww.. attached is not considered single right? so sadd.. haha..

  14. Jenny

    that’s good news. 🙂

  15. Jack

    can i be eligible for both? like i get a date with you and learn magic from jc at the same time? i’m so greedy.. :p

  16. Ronnie

    dun be so greedy jack.. even if u want, there’s no way u can be so lucky to get drawn for both..

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