Magic Babe and her $1K+ dress in Her World JULY ‘08!

TADAHHHHH… God, don’t you just luuuuuuuuuuurve that gorgeous dress?!!!! The wonderful stylists from Her World magazine dressed me up in that colorful stunner from CHLOE and in hushed voices, whispered to me that the garment cost over a thousand bucks. No kidding!!!

Well, the July issue of this popular women’s magazine is now available nationwide at all news stands and bookstores. It sees me with the very first version of The Impalement Cage actually, and the feature story touched on how I’m known for my signature acts and upcoming feats, and being a strong-minded, feisty, savvy and sexy gal who’s breaking stereotypes and boundaries in the male dominated industry of magic!

This is actually the very first women’s magazine I’m featured in for 2008, and I’m styled very differently in comparision to my 2page exclusive in Simply Her magazine last year. What I truly appreciated was that the Her World features writer (a really sweet gal!) was spot-on about factual information about me as Magic Babe, the professional commercial entertainer.

After Mom read the magazine, she commented that she’s proud that I’ve arrived where I’m at right now, since I basically started with nothing. I just had to hug her tight to express my thanks because it meant so much to me, having your parent tell you that. I don’t believe in luck… it’s all hard work I tell you!!! My missing toenails, chipped tooth, bruises, scrapes, cuts and sprains are a testimony to all that. Besides my track record of course, and the fact that the media’s sitting up and noticing what’s happening in the scene

PS: Sorry if this sounds random but I just had to make this proud announcement… Magic Boutique has just moved to a dedicated server to serve you better, so expect quicker downloads! *grin* Thanks to all for your overwhelming support. I suspect I may need to start hiring more people soon to manage this online magic shop. Heh.




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7 responses to “Magic Babe and her $1K+ dress in Her World JULY ‘08!

  1. Jenny

    wow! 1k? i wish i have the money for that kind of dress!

  2. Ronnie

    seriously, there are tuxedos worth a few hundred, but 1k is really a bit too much..

  3. Jermarcus

    Maybe that explain why ur blog is down for the last few days. Being featured in so many magazine, ur loyal fans increases over the time.

  4. William

    1k isn’t much for dresses for celebs. did you see the star awards? their dresses all go up to a few grand. not to mention all the international awards and all.

  5. Jaya

    well, i’ve seen people buying dresses worth 5k without batting eyelids..

  6. William

    there are such people, but i don’t think there are that many of them..

  7. admin

    You’re right indeed 😉 Does anyone wanna sponsor Magic Babe some clothes? My closet could use a spruce up! Hahaha…


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