My HOT 10-hour photoshoot for STUFF!

Was it HOT, you bet… it was TOTALLY warm under all that professional studio photography lights and I was perspiring lots, so thankfully Boon & Ade were always close by with tons of water to keep me hydrated

Our day started early at The Arena at 10AM, where the STUFF editorial team worked  closely with the creative folks from B Scene Photography (Nic Scaturro & his entourage) to put together the day’s photos for the upcoming issue coming up 1st July! We only wrapped up at about 6PM (that’s after 8 hours plus of hard work!) at The Arena and it wasn’t the end of the day… it was off to the 8m long stretch limousine patiently waiting for all of us at Club Street in town, where Stacy of Lotus Limousines had prepped the country’s only stretch limo for the final ‘location shoot’. We took another 2 hours to get the whole series of shoots completed in the luxury vehicle but it was all an enriching experience.

STUFF July comes out in a few short days nationwide at all good newsstands and book stores, but meanwhile, here’s a very special sneak peek just for you …MAGIC BABE BEHIND THE SCENES!!!


Yours truly at the swanky club’s gorgeous corridor with glamorous checks and elegant mirrors. The stylist got me some very stunning outfits which J C said looked totally Moulin Rouge! We took a few shots at the plush VIP area too. That’s me below getting comfy with the various poses before I disrobed from my fave red trenchcoat.

And of course, I took a couple of shots with my signature sais on stage. Check out my abs baby!!!

It was finally a wrap at the club at 6ish so we all took a celebratory shot in my dressing room at The Arena before we rushed off to the 2nd location. It was a crazy packed schedule indeed!

Up next, we headed to a secret underground carpark in Club Street where Stacy was already there with the gorgeous stretch limo for my shoot. Hullo, hullo!

It’s kinda strange I got reunited so quickly with it again, having booked the 8m long stretch limousine for Nat’s ‘Sex And The City’ themed Hen Nite just earlier in the month. That’s me and Stacy above, we go waaaaay back *grin* The sweet man hasn’t changed much!

After he saw my 2 page spread in The New Paper, Stacy texted me to say he’s in love… *giggle*

Love the glamorous interior… sweeeeeeeeet! We did a whole series of shots for in the limo as well, with different outfits but the shots are a tad too steamy for this blog so… get STUFF when the magazine comes out this July!!!

Ta for now, more later!!!




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7 responses to “My HOT 10-hour photoshoot for STUFF!

  1. Jenny

    isn’t stuff a magazine for gadgets? and seriously, it is a bit too revealing.

  2. Ronnie

    Aiya, got good figure must show ma..

  3. Jack

    why is the first picture all red? is it supposed to mean something?

  4. Jermarcus

    Yea.. If you have it, flaunt it. you can’t possibly photoshoot again 20 years later right?

  5. William

    oh my, that’s really a long photo shoot. do all of your photo shoots end up so long?

  6. Jaya

    cool pictures!

  7. admin

    We work with professionals but setting up for the various locations and all takes time. STUFF magazine sees me on their cover of July & 12 other pages inside the magazine so you can imagine why it took a full day to cover everything!!!

    Do grab a copy of the magazine when it comes out 😉


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