What does FHM, NewMan & STUFF have in common ;-)

…TADAH!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s ‘Magic Babe’ Ning   YOURS TRULY!

It was quite funny because after J C & I snapped photos of the mags above (as well as a couple of me clowning around and flipping through them), the few people who were standing around us actually picked up the magazines we carefully replaced, for a good look-through! LOL. Anyway, do check out the June issue of STUFF for my exclusive full page interview, as well as, the hot-of-the-press issues of July’s FHM & New Man magazine!

I really love the gorgeous layout that New Man ("The Next Big Thing") and STUFF ("Sizzling Singaporean") did, also FHM did a completely spectacular job with the photoshoot… it’s certainly a different side of moi, Singapore’s only professional female magician! *grin* People have been telling me that they love my expression. LOL! Well, that’s true versatility for ya, baby!!! Magic Babe is a professional…

Also, there’s a special "Pub Tricks for Dummies" column in FHM where yours truly teaches a trick any Tom, Dick and Harry with a couple of brain cells , can use to impress at a pub. No sleight of hand skills required. LOL!

So. Be sure to pick up your magazine copies available from all good newstands nationwide. In fact, there’s more to come… so please stay tuned to this humble blog for constant updates Thanks so much for all the wonderful support by the way. I really do appreciate all the email that’s been pouring in, as well as, the e-cards especially. They are just the cutest!!!

Thanks so much for reading… ta for now, more later!




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9 responses to “What does FHM, NewMan & STUFF have in common ;-)

  1. Adam

    Wow!! I am a fan of urs and i can see you alost everywhere.. FHM, New Man, Newspaper.. been reading up stuff about you.. hope to see you in real person.. 🙂

  2. William

    Woa, I didn’t know you were featured so widely! Nice! Hope to see more of it. Maybe maxim next time? 😉

  3. Frankie

    Totally agree! love your FHM photo… hawt!

  4. Ben Ben

    I love your FHM picture too!! So totally different from the dec issue and lovely! Keep at it! 🙂

  5. Michael from New York

    Wow!!! Being a magician in New York, I am very impressed by the publicity, magazine stories and photo shoots that you have generated which is an indication of your dedication to the art of magic. I am sure that you are working extremely hard to perfect your art and your upcoming show. I admire your hard work and you certainly deserve all of the attention and success. Go get ’em!

    Michael from New York

  6. Wei Hong

    Woa.. u r recognise by people all around the world.. I got 2 know this site through the newspaper. it featured about your magicboutique.

  7. admin

    Adam – Yes you can see me in person this 5 July @ Clarke Quay, when I attempt South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage! Also, I’ll be doing Singapore’s first permanent illusion show with my onstage partner, J C Sum. Ultimate Magic plays for 16 months from this Sep (with sneaks in Aug) till 2010, so you can catch me at The Arena every Mon – Sat, 5pm & 7pm! 😉

    William – More to come baby… see my blog for updates. Besides FHM, NewMan and STUFF, there’s also a whole bunch! 😛 Thanks for your support!!!

    Frankie – Haha… are you referring to the July issue or last Decemeber’s FHM? Or maybe, both? 😉 Appreciate your sweet comments, it’s made my day!

    Ben Ben – Thanks, yeah we’ve had many people saying it was a nice change in styling too! I had fun during the photoshoot.

    Michael – How’s my fave NY magician!!!! 😀 Love ya for the wonderful support. Work’s been crazy and I just lost 2 toenails during training 😦 But well, no complaints really. They’re just toenails! Wish you could watch my Mega Escape this 5 July, LIVE!!!

    Wei Hong – Heh. Thank you. I just work hard and focus on my game, but it’s wonderful that media here and overseas have noticed my efforts *grin* Do see my blog for more updates!


  8. Nathan

    Hey Ning, good to have you on the magazine again. Just wanted to ask if there are autographed FHM copies going out. Thanks.


  9. admin

    Hey Natz

    We still have a few copies left of last Dec’s FHM… but I recall you swinging by the studio to get it autographed. Stay tuned to my blog for more updates, I think you may like to get a copy of STUFF magazine’s July issue when it comes out. Heh. A heads up – it’s more steamy than what I did for FHM last year. 😛


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