i-Weekly Photoshoot & Interview

Monday comes too soon… where did the weekend go!?! Geez. I can’t believe it’s the start of a new week… this means that my Mega Escape is just a few days away!!! Tickets to Ultimate Magic are now available for online purchase at SISTIC or The Arena @ Clarke Quay. The tickets for the sneaks are sold at a very special price right now, so don’t miss your chance to be the first few to catch Singapore’s first permanent illusion show!

Anyways, today saw me doing an exclusive photoshoot & interview (as well as a special ‘Teach A Trick’ segment) for i-Weekly magazine! J C was there to direct the photoshoot as we described the workings for this easy to do magic trick to those who are interested in taking up magic. Everyone needs to start somewhere

Prior to all that though, I performed the amazing card effect for the reporter and she was blown away. We decided to teach a simplified version of this idiot-proof street magic effect though, which saw the magician finding the spectator’s chosen card and as a surprise kicker, appearing all 4 aces in a normal deck of playing cards.

What I did was a more complex version however, which had me showcase her mobile phone number instead of the 4 aces for a wicked personal touch Needless to say, the reporter was completely bowled over and started giggling in amazement. LOL. I did a couple more mind reading effects on her afterwards, as we chatted after the photoshoot in the hour-long face-to-face interview.

Meanwhile, here’s some casual photos Ade snapped during the Teach-A-Trick segment…

Don’t miss out this issue of i-Weekly magazine, which comes out on 30th June!!!




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2 responses to “i-Weekly Photoshoot & Interview

  1. Nita

    Lovely! I’m quite an avid reader of I-wkly… Can’t wait to see your feature in there!

  2. admin

    Thanks! It comes out just in time… on the very same week of my Mega Escape @ Clarke Quay, so look out for it 😉


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