Sunday is no Sabbath!

To be honest, it was quite a struggle to get out of bed this morning especially when I only managed to cram a few hours of sleep since I saw my darling Nats get married on Saturday. I still can’t believe my beloved N1 is now a MISSUS!!!

Anyways, J C & I had to do a new photoshoot today for an upcoming event which is our next MEGA ILLUSION for 2008!!! There’s a huge press conference on the afternoon of 23 June and our latest project will be announced then, so more info on that later I promise! Meanwhile, feel free to check out J C’s blog @ for more info.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at our photoshoot – that’s the two of us in front of the green screen at our professional photographer’s studio! We’re going to have some funky visuals super-imposed as the background after and I can’t wait!!!

Our photoshoot took a few hours since there were lights to be rigged, poses to strut, as well as, taking time to review the shots afterwards to make the final selections. It’s Sunday but I have another interview & photoshoot with another popular weekly magazine too, on Monday! What a whirl… but anyway, we were very happy with the progress we made at the photo studio today. It was a happy wrap!

Also, it’s Father’s Day today so my family celebrated it at No Signboard Restaurant at VivoCity at MM Lee (aka Mom)’s request. My little sister’s birthday was actually yesterday, so we had a belated party for her as well. I had to make reservations a week in advance because I didn’t want to run in frantic circles like what happened for Mothers Day *sheepish grin*

Dinner was pretty good and I was pretty stuffed from the yummy dishes we ordered but there’s always room for dessert afterwards! Heh. Meanwhile, here’s some photos…

Dad disturbing Mom by coaxing her to smile for his camera…

I swear, they’re the cutest pair ever… so lovey dovey after 26 years of marriage!

We decided to have some dessert later so we headed over to an ice-cream parlor!

The birthday gal and MM Lee…

Mom and our darling middle child…

Dad gets shy when I tried feeding him ice-cream. LOL!

Dad looks so sheepish, it’s cute. So I just had to tease him further…

As Mom and my sisters laughed hilariously, I begged Dad to show this picture to all his friends and business partners who didn’t know me and see if they’d believe I’m his daughter. LOL! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY-O!!!!!!!!





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4 responses to “Sunday is no Sabbath!

  1. Aaron

    Wow, are you the cover girl?

  2. Jack

    nice! i can’t wait for 30th june.

  3. BH

    photo shoot on a sunday?? U seem to work non-stop! Take care of health too, while at it!

  4. admin

    BH – yep, work never ends! 😛 But thanks for the good wishes. Will have to get more health supplements *wry grin*

    Jack – FiRST magazine comes out before the end of the month actually… so you can get your copy really soon! 😀

    Aaron – I’ll be in their LUST page, as well as, in a 2 page exclusive interview with photos. For STUFF magazine however, I’ll be their July cover girl with an additional 12 (or more) pages as well. Look out for that! 😉


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