Presenting… Mr & Mrs Chung!

I actually cried this morning at the church wedding because it was just so beautiful. Call me bias but I swear, I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride *grin*

Yep, it’s finally Nat’s big day. She’s the first of us Queenies to get married and Miss Natasha Kim Bounaparte is now Mrs Luke Chung and man, was it just so incredibly sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!! I had to struggle to wake up at an unearthly hour to reach her flat at 7AM and I was lucky Spanky gave me a wake-up call!

The blushing bride with her loyal Queenies. Kris is our unofficial Queenie, a very special one, because he’s a guy!

Us Queenies (minus the bride) & Nat’s bridesmaids – Ethyl, Jasmine & Samantha! Were we tough on the groom and the guys… you bet! We made them do a whole lot of crazy stuff before we finally allowed the men in. Custom demands us to be bitchy!!!

The giant roast pig that arrived after we allowed the groom and his guys into the house. It’s a MONSTER! Spanky kept swooning about how yummy it smelled. LOL! I don’t blame her, none of us had time for breakfast!

At the church, I was in charge of the ang-pow box, which was really important because that’s where the money from the invited guests to the couple all went. Mabes made everyone sign the pretty autograph book while Zann & Spanky distributed the booklets to everyone.

That’s us Queenies playing with the pretty balloons since we were the earliest to arrive. We pretty much had everything set-up at the church reception table far quicker than anticipated!

Spanky took over as unofficial photog because Kris suddenly felt very ill and had to head home. The poor boy caught a nasty virus and it was a miracle he managed to drive home safe and sound!

Guests started streaming in and before we knew it, it was time for the march! We screamed our "I LOVE YOUs" just before the grand church doors opened. The music was beautiful and with the light streaming in the windows… it just looked so awesome.

This was when I started to choke on my tears. We were supposed to man the reception table outside because there were some late-comers but Luke’s guy friends were really sweet to offer to stand by instead so we girls could sit in at the back pews to witness the exchange of vows and all. I think a good Justice of Peace is extremely crucial… like an emcee, he plays a big part in that all important moment *wry grin*

Of course, we all screamed with glee when Luke & Nats walked out of the church with the signed marriage certificate and are now officially MR & MRS CHUNG!!!

A big warm hug with happy tears and laughs with my N1 as her hubby looks a tad overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t be, seriously!

The Queenies with the very happy couple!

We helped with the taking down of the wedding decorations in the church after the lunch reception was over, and we were needed in a few hours to man the reception table at Raffles Hotel for the wedding dinner. I changed out from my dress from Ala Nuit to a satin evening gown from Daniel Yam (which had been screaming for a chance to be used) and headed there a tad earlier so I could assist Jas, who was doing a great job as Nat’s bridesmaid & wedding planner.

Jas & yours truly. The girl’s something really wonderful – a kooky sense of humor, lots of intelligence and a kind heart… if I was a guy, she’d be my dream girl. No doubt! Why is she still single!?!!

Nat’s other bridesmaid Ethyl’s truly one of a kind. She did a great job guarding the gate in the morning and was great at being bossy to Luke and his guys. She’s Eurasian like Nats and people said we looked like sisters!

Us Queenies at the reception table where I was again responsible for the ang-pow box (and all-important complimentary parking coupons… hehehehe) while the girls directed guests to their various allocated tables at The Grand Ballroom. That’s Aunty Michelle next to me, and Nat’s little cousin who’s simply a gem. I’m sure she’s going to be one sassy smart cookie!

The lovable balloon sculptures of the bride and groom displayed on our reception desk… Lovely!!!

Us Queenies at Table #10 after we closed the reception and the dinner finally started. Spanky bought a dress from Daniel Yam too and she was so proud she got it at a steal, the other girls were practically rolling their eyes when she kept flaunting it. LOL! Anyway, the food was delish and the service staff were awesome though Spanky was sure that the waiter was bias against her and kept serving me bigger portions. I swear, I love her… the woman is hilarious!

Okay… Ethyl spontaneously snapped this ‘self-portrait’ when we were all up on the stage doing the YUM SENG, so that’s why you can see a whole sea of heads behind us. We were actually just right at the front of the stage and I was hollering "Yuuuuuuuuuuuum". Quirky!!!

My dear N1 had to diet for months just to fit into that gorgeous cheongsam but she really looks fabulous!!!

That’s Adrian & Jamal on the right, our close guy pals from RMIT University *grin* Nat’s mom is certainly one vivacious woman. Aunty Michelle was certainly having a great time on the dance floor as the live band played and even cheekily reflected our characters when she took photos with us because Nats practically tells her everything about us What an incredible woman!

Zann = Calm, Sensible and Mellow

Mabes = Sweet & Cheerful Miss Sunshine

Spanky = Rock Goth (but not allowed to wear her dark make-up today)

Ning = Diva (Aunty Michelle calls me a celebrity but that’s really Magic Babe!)

N1 & N2 just HAD to take this photo…

Anyway, us helpers only retired from the ballroom at midnight and I scampered off to safety when Luke’s buddies were trying to get their revenge on us for the morning’s antics we pulled on them. They held me responsible for the chili padi incident which lead them to being thirsty for water and they were served H20 in cups with uhm… very interestingly shaped straws on them (Spanky calls them ‘Party Peckers’ and they were really meant for Nat’s Hen Party but they arrived late). It’s hilariously gay to see grown men sucking thirstily on those phallus shaped straws and well,  because I’m nice, I won’t be uploading photos of that on my blog anytime soon *rueful grin*

I met my old buddy Yang, from film school, who coincidentally was the videographer Nats hired to cover the entire day. We had a great time catching up and it’s been so amazing. The years have flown by so fast but he still looks the same… only a little bit chubbier but still cute! The girls and I practically flopped on the beds and sofas in the hotel room when we finally got there, kicking off our heels that were cramping our toes. Nats was supposed to join us but poor Luke had a bit too much to drink so she couldn’t abandon her man. Oh well!

It was certainly a wonderful day (though a tad surreal) and I wish the happy couple my best. I think they’re completely MFEO (made for each other) and we’re pretty sure all of us will be seeing their kids running around even before the next Queenie sends out her wedding invites!



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4 responses to “Presenting… Mr & Mrs Chung!

  1. Nats


    Thanks so much for being there & helping out N2. :))
    I had so much fun. Haven’t had the time to do my blog entry yet!
    Great pictures, great words and what a wonderful day it was.
    I love ya Queenies!!!


  2. William

    when’s your turn? :p

  3. garfield

    congrats to the couple. how i envy them.

  4. admin

    Nats – Awwww… anything for my special N1 on her very special day. You’re the prettiest bride! Look forward to seeing you with your hubby and the rest of the Queenies on 5 July for my Mega Escape @ Clarke Quay!

    William – While I can read people’s minds and predict the future, my ‘turn’ is a very very hazy concept… so, it won’t be anytime soon! LOL… 😀 Also, I’m really a commitment phobe.

    Garfield – Absolutely, they’re a perfect couple! *grin*


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