Mingling Magic for LTA

It’s Friday the 13th!!! Okay, so it wasn’t a scary night with a crazy slasher on the loose but my day was pretty crazy all the same.

After a full day of training and rehearsals since J C got back to Singapore from Bali (where Will’s still there for the filming for ILUSI 2.0), it was off to LTA Hampshire for me in the early evening because I was specially booked for an hour of mingling magic. That’s me above doing a serious mind reading piece which WOWed the VIPs at the table, and they cheered loudly later.

I had one of them think of something and I practically read his mind, much to the astonishment to the rest of his co-workers from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore!

What was pretty cool was that there were a few people who took photos with me at the event – they actually recognized me from my recent 2 page article in The New Paper, as well as, my FHM Singapore debut last December! I even autographed a poker card for someone after performing for him and his friends because he wanted something for keeps… LOL!

Tomorrow is going to be a truly exciting day for all of us Queenies, especially Nats… it’s her big day!!! She’s finally going to be a MRS and I’m just so happy for my beloved N1. It’s going to be a full day for us because Spanky, Mabes, Zann & yours truly will be her trusty jie-meis for the all-important event as well. More on that later… it’s time to get some shut-eye!!!



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2 responses to “Mingling Magic for LTA

  1. William

    I would love to have a card autographed by you too!

  2. admin

    Anytime 😉


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