Mighty Magic Factory in the news!

Mighty Magic Factory really makes me proud… that’s me above, dressed as a sailor girl (yes, I have a uniform fetish… deal with it) with the zany team and we’ve just been approached by an educational newspaper to be part of a big feature! Really exciting stuff really. Also, the gang will be in the July issue of a very popular local parenting magazine which targets PMEBs, our exact target audience! We’re not the cheapest around and there’s a reason for that. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys

I’m glad I went ahead with shelling out good money for a fantastic website, which has a unique "Design Your Party" feature that allows close parent-child bonding time. It’s really neat because it’s really like a colorful comic book and I made sure the animation was exact to my storyboarding and conceptualization. We’ve received a ton of feedback from parents that it’s a feature they truly like, which makes Mighty Magic Factory stand out.

We’ve just been awarded another long-term edutainment project, and that’s very exciting… as well as, a big project with another shopping mall. More on that later, I promise. Meanwhile, to celebrate Shawn’s birthday, I got our dear Captain Amazing a surprise birthday gift at work. LOL. I’m sure it’s something so memorable he’ll never ever forget. It’s a pity both J C & Will are still in Bali for their ILUSI 2.0 TV filming… they missed out on all the wicked fun!

Anyway, I found time to meet the Queenies again (after our wild night out over the weekend) to discuss Saturday’s plans over dinner. I arrived late because I was focusing on my training and rehearsals till 8pm but I wasn’t the last to arrive at NYDC *grin* To be honest… A part of me still can’t quite believe Nats is going to take that final leap this Saturday. I mean, this is it. This is THE ONE. Forever.

I’m really happy for my darling N1 and yes, I am so not a morning person but despite having a long day on Friday (with a show booking that ends late), I will still make sure I’m at her house at 7AM on Saturday to make sure Nat’s big day goes okay. She actually booked a VIP area at Ink Club bar to celebrate after the dinner’s over and her mom’s coming along. Pretty darn cool but I don’t know if myself and the Queenies can last till the wee hours because I foresee a lot of running around and inevitable panicking!

It’s a small world however, because the photographer & videographer Nats hired to cover for her wedding, are actually coursemates of mine from Film & Media Studies! I swear, Singapore’s so small… it’s like a separation of 2 degrees. Just this afternoon, I was talking to Mok, my office neighbour, who was just about to leave for a lunch appointment and it was so uncanny but turns out, his mate’s a mutual friend too! Eric is a photographer buddy of his, and the husband of an ex-coll of mine. Surreal!!!

Anyways, J C flies back from Bali tomorrow, so I’m sure he’s got plenty of stories to share on his experiences there for the filming of ILUSI 2.0. He’s been specifically hired as magic consultant to this Malay magic TV series, which will also be broadcast outside Singapore. It’d be shown on SURIA shortly and it stars Bow Vernon, from Indonesia & our very own ‘Iron’ Will!

…I thought Will would look gay in my shades & hat, but the man could pull off being a gangsta from the ghetto! *LOL* Love that sneer!!!!



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2 responses to “Mighty Magic Factory in the news!

  1. Aaron

    hihi, first time posting comments.. :p Will is so cool. man, i wish i can escape like he does.

  2. admin

    Hi hi 🙂

    Yep, ‘Iron’ Will is one cool cat. Stay tuned for his ILUSI 2.0 TV debut coming soon on Suria. It sees him grapple with a huge python snake, besides all the crazy pro escapes the man will be doing with his co-star, Indonesian magician, Bow Vernon!


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