It’s funny how things come full circle…

TADAAAAH!!!! This is the official magazine ad that you’ll see for my upcoming Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage come July & as you can tell, we’ve got a few more partners and sponsors who’ve come in! The folks from The Arena @ Clarke Quay have also informed us that there are more interested parties who want to be a part of Ultimate Magic: Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, which (like my feat on 5 July 08) is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board!

I think it’s really awesome that there are folks who so strongly believe in our brand of magic, and also see this unique first-of-its-kind project to be something truly special *grin* I’ve been kept busy because besides juggling all the media interviews and photoshoots happening, there’s the training and rehearsals, and not forgetting… my bread and butter… show bookings!!!

We received an email from a well-known organization looking to book yours truly for a special performance later this month and they actually mentioned, "Our committee feels that you represent the modern woman – strong & confident, yet comfortable in your femininity." Hooray for Singapore’s only professional female magician! *grin*

It’s fantastic that people understand the full context that yes… Magic Babe may be a sassy fox but she’s also an eloquent and intelligent professional magician with the right skills and talents, who happens to have X-Chromosomes and isn’t afraid to flaunt it! I think it’s seriously stupid when people just think I’m just all about sex appeal because they’re obviously not allowing themselves to see the truth before they judge. Pretty much like how some folks choose to be bias against something before they even understand or know the subject matter. Well, such is life *rueful grin*

Anyway, I was forwarded an interesting email today. Apparently, a long-lost contact has found me! We lost contact exactly one decade ago when I was in Secondary 3. He was a good friend of my long-suffering tutor and we hung out a lot (we dated for like, 3 months when he was in RJC and I was in MGS) but didn’t keep in touch after he did his NS and subsequently flew to the States (Boston/ Chicago) and was there for years. It’s funny how things come full circle exactly 10 years later when Kenrick chanced upon my TNP article, "She’s the sexiest woman in magic", which is now also on AsiaOne.

The awful truth is… I’m really busy right now and my weekend’s also swamped with work (except Saturday – it’s a full day but only because it’s Nat’s big day and she needs me for the church wedding and dinner)… even Sunday… so I haven’t the time to meet him, as well as, a whole bunch of other folks I’d love to spend time with *sigh* Anyway. Me being me, I’m curious to know how he looks like now. LOL. That’s always the fun part… finding out how people ‘grow’!

I remember him as being super tall and fit (with huge hands!) because Kenrick was a sportsman, and awfully smart and business savvy. Yep, essentially an intellectual jock!

He traded in stocks and shares when he was in JC & tried to teach me the ropes (because he was so very much into investing and economics) but that always made me fall alseep. Heh. Movies on the other hand, always made him sleep and I remember that to be a major bummer because he’d be snoring next to me in the theatre and I couldn’t ask him how he felt about the movie after!

Gosh. How time flies!!!!


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