She’s the ’sexiest woman in magic’ – The New Paper, Singapore

TADAH!!!! Check it out baby…

That’s a little blurb on Page 3 pointing readers of The New Paper, our country’s best selling tabloid, to the TWO FULL PAGE EXCLUSIVE of my upcoming Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage above! I woke up to a flurry of text messages from over a dozen folks who saw it in the morning & afternoon editions of the paper & noticed the prominent write-up

The newspaper report shared the specifics on this unique public feat happening at 9pm on 5 July 2008 at Clarke Quay fountain area, as well as, a little peek in my personal and professional life as Singapore’s only professional female magician *grin* The reporter also shared a bit on what to expect from Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, which sees J C & yours truly headline for 16 months (till 2010) in our nation’s first-of-its-kind S$1,000,000.00 contract.

Anyway, I know it’s my fault for keeping mum about it but I just wanted it to be a nice surprise so I didn’t mention the name of the publication My bad! So for those of you who missed Saturday’s copy of The New Paper because they sell out so quickly, you can check out the online version by clicking the link below:

She’s the ‘sexiest woman in magic’ – The New Paper, Singapore: Ning Cai, S’pore’s only professional female magician, makes waves with her shows, by Jeanmarie Tan

The veteran journalist interviewed me just moments before my flight to KL earlier in the week & she was totally intrigued by my plucky decision to do magic fulltime for my bread and butter as a professional, since in this real world, no shows equals no pay. An extremely alternative thing for a true blue MGS girl who spent all 10 years of her primary & secondary school life in the Christian school, where most girls become career women or wives of high-flying MPs. Heh. I’m quite sure I’ll never do the tai-tai thing or marry into political power and I’ve decided to throw away that possibility of me being a high-flying banker… BUT it’s really a fantastic honor to be able to elevate the art of magic to this whole new level *grin*

Okay, this is something random but it’s quite funny because people always do a double take when they find out what I do as a living & they almost always question if I come from a family of magicians as well. Obviously there’s no patrimony or wealthy connection with any rich old farts who can fund all my expensive magic props and illusions, but I once lied about coming from a warped family of circus performers where my Dad’s an alcoholic magic mime who died when he choked on soggy sponge balls (and everyone thought it was an act) when he was performing on stage & my mom’s a showgirl who once posed for Penthouse and Playboy (to pay the bills and put food on the table obviously), hence Magic Babe turned out this way.

Just kidding! Anyway, back to today’s TNP interview.

I really love the pictures (both the photos and the illustrations!), as well as, their editorial write-up for ‘Magic Babe’ Ning… the TNP team’s really AWESOME and professional, so there was absolutely no deja-vu with what happened with their sister newspaper, Shin Min Daily Jeanmarie did some extensive research (gosh, what an astute writer!) so I was mildly surprised when she brought that up and we all laughed about the Chinese newspaper’s sensationalized misquotes. She’s done her homework well and I’m highly impressed on her research about other magicians too, not only in the US (like on Criss Angel & David Blaine) but Singapore too. Nice!

There’s more media interviews and photoshoot lined up for us next week and to be honest, it’s a tad overwhelming because there’s at least 20 different publications featuring us for my Mega Escape in July alone. Pretty darn cool that the media takes a huge interest in what we do, I truly appreciate them supporting us homegrown talents Check out J C’s blog for more details on that.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna get ready to head out… Tonight sees me and the Queenies painting the town RED with the awesome stretch limo I’ve specially booked for Nats and the sweeeeeeeet VIP area at The Arena which I’ve arranged for her ‘Sex And The City’ themed Hen Nite celebrations. We’re so gonna parrrtyyyyyyyyy!!!

As always… smouldering hot pictures of that to come Stay tuned!!!



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3 responses to “She’s the ’sexiest woman in magic’ – The New Paper, Singapore

  1. Dear Ning,
    You certainly have come a long way since our friendship started. I’m glad my encouragement to you to find your own way, did see you to becoming the enormous success that i’ve foreseen long ago – notwithstanding the interest in magic that i never knew about. It is with this success that i remind you of where you came from, and the things that you’ve realised for yourself in our friendship journey together. Things that will hold you to the ground in spite of all the successes that have followed you, and will continue to with time.

  2. Nats

    I have to agree. You look sensationally HOT. And I’m so going to see da show. :))

  3. admin

    Thanks babes!!! Don’t miss it – it’s @ Clarke Quay fountain events area, Sat 5 July, 9pm!


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