Mighty Magic Factory rocks Marina Square!

OMG, how time flies… It’s TGIF!!!!

Today marks the 5th consecutive day of my 12 hour plus work day but to be honest, I barely feel it. I guess that’s the thing when you’re working for passion and the love drives you, not the money. Instead of worn out, I feel really alive – like I’m chugging to the next gear now. Heh. I am always inspired by the wisely chosen words of Uri Geller who said "Do what you love. When you love your work, you become the best worker in the world." I just ordered his first (and only) autobiography and can’t wait for the hardcover book to arrive here. Discounting the fact that he appointed Michael Jackson as his best man at his wedding, this genius from Israel is truly such an inspiration.

Anyway… There was just so much to do today, but I’m glad we’ve stuck well to our production schedule and everything is in place *grin* We’re a tight team so it’s really cool that we’ve got different ‘divisions’ that do things separately (filming of ILUSI 2.0 which took place at the Singapore Flyer today, illusion prop fabrication and design, Mighty Magic Factory, Concept:Magic, Magic Boutique, rehearsals, paper work, meetings, etc, etc.) ..that’s just the tip of the ice-berg!

Our day ended late because Mighty Magic Factory was booked for our special 45 minute stage performance, which involves our darling stars – Captain Amazing, Kinetic Gal & Agent 81, strutting their stuff on stage at Marina Square! The popular mall engaged us to entertain the crowd since they’re having late night shopping during this Great Singapore Sale season. The reaction from the crowd that consisted of a good mix of kids, teens and adults from all walks of life… was simply AMAZING!!! J C was giving instructions to the audio guy at the console so I was basically trigger happy. Check out some of the photos!

It all started with Ade running up on stage to some funky cool music and truly… Kinetic Gal did a TERRIFIC job pulling people to come watch what’s happening on stage! You can easily tell a shoddy performance when people are disinterested and walk on by, since time is our most precious comodity. We had a huge crowd that grew and stayed throughout, so that was just awesome.

Kinetic Gal did some amazing juggling and magic with colorful rings, clubs, balls, you name it! She got a tremendously hearty applause (from lots of girls and ladies especially) before Sherman came sneaking up on stage with his spy gadgets as Agent 81! Our yellow coated sleight-of-hand super skilled superhero totally had the kids eating out of the palm of his hand. He was so entertaining, shoppers on the upper levels stopped to look as well!

Right after him was our darling Shawn who’s just fantastic as Captain Amazing! Seriously, he had EVERYONE just cracking up at his brilliant antics that involve comedy, magic, puppets and more! 3 of our friends – Kenny the Friendly Chicken, Koko Nut & Tuffy (the unknown creature from an unknown place) made a special appearance… the best part was, there were kids who recognised Captain Amazing and went into hyper mode! *grin*

It ended very nicely with people clapping their appreciation for the non-stop show we put up & I must have taken over a hundred photos, so check out the Mighty Magic Factory blog soon for updates from the team! This weekend sees us super busy with lots of birthday parties to do… school’s out and everyone’s having fun! Just like us really… that’s me & Shawn with the man we cannot name, because he’s really the popular Pokemon, Pikachu!!!

Gruesome Pokemon body parts backstage!!

Righty, there’s more filming this weekend too for ILUSI 2.0 so check out J C’s blog for more details on that. Our dear ‘Iron’ Will & Bow will be doing a full day shoot for the SURIA magic series at Vivocity tomorrow and this Sunday sees the magic duo at Causeway Point! Saturday’s shoot is going to be really wicked because it involves a HUGE reptile that would freak most people out and Will’s going to get up close and personal with it. Lucky him!!! *wink*

Meanwhile, check out our MAGIC REVIEWS page on Magic Boutique, which has fair and objective product reviews on the latest magic products! Seriously… Don’t you just hate it when you ask someone for their expert opinon on different things and they claim that everything is all good and they proceed to try to close a sale or psycho you to purchase something expensive that you’re still not too sure if you’ll use or even need? Well, yep, I hate that too because they aren’t actually being helpful.

So we’re not afraid on calling a spade a spade (or an ace and ace for that matter) because Magic Boutique is different from other retailers here who peddle in piracy (great profits for them really but while duplicates help them pay their bills, the creators of effects don’t even get a single cent to their name). You really can’t call these businessmen actual magicians or lovers of the art, despite what they’d love to proclaim. You can’t call the guy who fixes the piano a professional pianist so you shouldn’t think of a magic shop demonstrator or shop keeper as a professional magician.

More so a selfish one without ethics.



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2 responses to “Mighty Magic Factory rocks Marina Square!

  1. Ben Ben

    Saw the Mighty Magic Factory team on Friday @ Marina!! That was a great show!!

  2. admin

    Thanks a bunch!!! 🙂 Next time come by to say HI!!!


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