Today marks our 4th consecutive 12hour day!

It’s been BUSYBUSYBUSYBUSY for us indeed as we find ourselves like frenzied multi-tasking 8-armed octopuses of sorts (but a lot cuter and not so icky) on prozac and red-bull with the million and one things to do. Our work station is such a mess, it looks like we just got robbed. Either that or a powerful bomb just exploded in our rehearsal studio *wry grin*

A piece of fantastic news I got from the fellas at The Arena was that there’s yet another sponsor coming in (WOOHOO!) so we’ve got to tweak our posters again. To be honest, we’re running out of space in the design layout but that’s really a happy problem! The bosses of The Arena mentioned that just like our official credit card sponsor, this sophisticated liquor company was very impressed so much so that they promptly put their names down to be the official spirit brand partner!

As you’d guess, this is for our Ultimate Magic illusion show at The Arena, which is Singapore’s first permanent illusion show that sees J C perform a version of his famous teleportation act… as well as, South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage, which sees yours truly gamely trick death this 5 July right in the heart of our country’s top entertainment district – Clarke Quay!

They apparently read about us in The Straits Times ‘Life’, which featured us in a full page editorial write-up in their newspaper quite recently. They also commented that they’ve been seeing J C almost everywhere – from shopping malls to petrol station kiosks and even the CBD area, because J C’s funky "Magic in Motion" series is playing on huge TV screens. Nice

Anyways, our new posters have our official sponsors and partners logos on it, as well as, Singapore Tourism Board’s ‘Uniquely Singapore’ stamp… we’ll have to tweak it again to include the new sponsor(s) but well, check out the current ones!

 The bunch of us had dinner (simple local fare at Old Airport Road which has really yummy food!) after leaving the studio around 10pm earlier and I was such a pig!!! I ate so much really – a plate of satay beehoon, a big bowl of ginseng chicken soup, a glass of soya bean milk and even 2 yummy BBQ chicken wings Ade just had some chicken while the guys picked at their food. I feel like such a glutton when I’m with them it sometimes depresses me. LOL. I guess it’s a good thing Friday’s going to be another day of grueling training and rehearsals so I get the extra opportunity to burn off the calories from tonight’s sinful supper. I’m still going to wake up early to exercise tomorrow morning too!!!

On a good note, my big nasty bruise is finally starting to fade and it should disappear in the next couple of days. It’s really great cos I don’t look like somebody’s badly abused girlfriend anymore *giggle* Another thing to feel really happy about before I head to bed is that a UK magazine has just approached yours truly, Magic Babe, for a feature interview! Okay… this is not a magic magazine in case anyone’s wondering, because yes, I know you know that I’m the only professional magician here in this part of the world (thus far) to get a 2 part exclusive feature interview on MagicSeen, UK’s largest magic magazine Have you downloaded Issues 20 & 21 already? *grin*

Anyway, back to this new UK magazine that I was talking about… I think it’s simply awesome that they find an Asian girl here (located on the other side of the world from them) is hot enough to appeal to their readers. I was quite touched because busy as they are, they actually took time to write that they’re thrilled to find such a talented and sexy female magician who they believe will engage their modern cosmopolitan readers and subscribers! They also mentioned that they’re sure their magazines would fly off the retail shelves and David Cook would realize his goal in life was to be my personal masseuse forever.

Okay, fine, I admit that I made that last bit up. Obviously their magazines are stacked on retail shelves (apparently all over Europe) and I hope a fresh-face Asian talent can help them sell more magazines, but a girl can still dream about David Cook right? *swoon* Okay, back to reality! Anyway, yes… More info on that soon I promise (not David Cook, the UK magazine), just stay tuned to my blog. I may be busy with all the crazy things going on [need… clone machine… now…] but writing has always been naturally therapeutic to me, that’s why you always get regular updates.

Oh yeah, this weekend sees us stepping up filming for ILUSI 2.0! See J C’s blog for more info on it, as well as, Concept:Magic’s involvement! I’ve got many Malay friends and they’re really eager about this new magic series starring our dearest ‘Iron’ Will & Bow (all the way from Indonesia!) coming soon on Suria, Mediacorp TV12. And mind you, those that I’ve talked to aren’t magicians but unbiased laypeople so that’s pretty cool.

The weekend’s just around the corner!!!


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