STB endorses Mega Escape & Ultimate Magic!

What a Friday! It’s been quite a whirl since I had an evening performance at Mt Faber tonight to entertain some very important folks… I was booked for my Magic Babe ‘One Gal’ Show as their main stage showtime entertainment! I had fun really and it was just heartening that everyone in the ballroom actually stopped eating and talking and I had their full attention – both ladies and gentlemen! *grin*

I think some may assume that being fun and flirty, Magic Babe appeals more to guys but honestly… the fact is, women are never left out! It rocks to see a smart, eloquent,  self-assured, confident woman comfortable on stage, doing her thing and while Magic Babe is a sassy fox, she’s in no way a bimbotic slut and the women can tell that instantly so there’s no complaints Magic Babe is so totally not one dimensional, I can assure you.

Our very efficient event partner thanked us for a great performance afterwards and commented that his client was very pleased. What was the icing on the cake later was after we’d left Mt Faber and were on our way for a late dinner, I received a text message from an accquaintance of mine. He shared that his chairman was actually present at the event I’d just performed at and was very entertained and seriously enjoyed my performance. He even texted to say that I put up a great show, so that was pretty darn terrific that such a big guy was so impressed and liked it that much to even tell his guys about it *GRIN*

We celebrated dinner at Botak Jones where Ade had a monster sausage and J C ate a steak, while I ordered a pasta with juicy meatballs aptly called "You’ve Got Balls!" because my beloved David Cook won American Idol as I’d anticipated!!! Yes, little David was really fab in his performance with John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (my fave song of his, next to ‘Jealous Guy’) and I’d really love to see him mature in the years to come since the talented kid’s not even 18… but David Cook’s just got the X-Factor and everything (though Dad thinks he’s so scruffy… haha). I actually woke up early to catch the LIVE telecast on TV *sheepish grin* Now I can’t wait for his CD to come out seriously. I can already predict that sales would completely beat Chris Daughtry’s. It’s so silly I know, but I just HAVE TO have my daily fix of David Cook on YouTube everyday. Check out his brilliant rendition of Billie Jean if you haven’t. It’s completely different from Michael Jackson’s!

Okay, enough about me gushing about Mr American Idol Season 7… the real REAL reason for our hearty celebration was really because Singapore Tourism Board has officially endorsed both our Mega Escape and Ultimate Magic events! *grin* As you know, the government board oversees all aspects of tourism in our country especially in the areas of growth, resource allocation and long-term strategies & they felt we were the right partners because we were really making a HUGE difference with what we’re doing! AWESOME BABY!!! It gives us further motivation now that we’ve got the golden "Uniquely Singapore" stamp from the government officials. Check out J C’s blog for more details on that.

Oh yeah. I just got approached by a pageant organizer to join their upcoming contest as well. *grin* It’s really flattering but well, we’ll see how that goes. Gosh, it’s another crazy weekend… My baby, not Magic Boutique but the other…  Mighty Magic Factory‘s got another Mighty Adventure happening on Saturday and the part at Bt. Timah’s going to be FUN! Kids just love the costume station which has over a dozen high quality costumes (like knights, princesses, wizards and other relate-able characters) as well as our magic, mascot, puppets, games and creativity station! In fact, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from parents about our unique Mighty Magic Factory power pledge & balloon bomb, which no one else has.

In fact, a parent recently came up to me and mentioned that she was very pleased with our official party bags because it was really presentable and expensive-looking, not grubby and cheap, since that would have been an embarrassment. I didn’t realize how important that was, but it was quite the given to me honestly… because I’ve always placed myself in the shoes of the kids. I want something that’s relevant to them and good in quality so it’d last, besides the obvious that the packs had to be fun and look attractive. Just me being a female Libra I guess… you know how us girls can be a real stickler about these things

Okie dokie, I’m signing off here. Check out my exclusive on-air interview on MediaCorp Radio Station Lush99.5FM happening tomorrow! If you missed it… no worries, they’ll be having it up on podcast too, I’ll add the link later.

Ta for now, more later…



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6 responses to “STB endorses Mega Escape & Ultimate Magic!

  1. Awesome stuff! Good on ya! Now I have a reason to visit Singapore.. just to see your show 🙂

  2. Ben Ben

    Do post link to the podcast of the interview soon!! I missed the interview 😦 and I’d love to hear it!!

  3. Nats

    I’m absolutely thrilled for you. Big CONGRATS!!! More to come, I’m sure and another reason for another gathering to CELEBRATE! 🙂

  4. Aron

    Awesome stuff!! Gonna come for the shows to see it for myself! I’m sure it’s gonna be exciting!!

  5. Frankie

    It’s great to see local magicians doing something so different and at such a high level!! An inspiration indeed

  6. admin

    Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement and kind support everyone 🙂 Much appreciated!!! Please bookmark my blog, more exciting entries to come *wink*


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